Cloth napkins for kids

Cloth Napkins for School Lunches (Tutorial)

cloth napkin tutorialI’m so excited to share a simple cloth napkin tutorial with you~ perfect for making cute cloth napkins for your child’s lunch!

With Lucy starting Kindergarten in just a few more days, we’ve been doing lots of preparing. She’s got her first day of school outfit all picked out and our school supplies have been purchased.napkins lined up (And I’ve even got a fresh box of tissue for myself to wipe away all the tears.)

As I was making my to-do list for the week, I realized Lucy would need some new cloth napkins for her school lunches. (We try our best, although it’s challenging, to reduce the amount of waste we lunch cloth napkin tutorial It helps that Lucy’s school encourages the teachers and students to try to use reusable items as much as possible when packing their lunches.)

But then I got to thinking how fun it would be to make the cloth napkins myself. That way I could really really personalize them for Lucy by using fabric that she likes and even make some special ones for all the holidays throughout the year.fabric cut into square I quickly crossed off “cloth napkins” from my shopping list, and instead of heading to the store, headed to my leftover fabric stash. I grabbed all my pieces of leftover fabric that I thought would make cute cloth napkins.

I love how they turned out! I think they’ll make the lunches fun for Lucy to open at school. (She’s already chosen the one she wants for her first day.) And my favorite part was they were free since they were just from leftover scraps!

There’s two different ways to make cloth napkins- I’ll share a tutorial for making mitered corners and just regular corners.

How to Make Cloth Napkins

  • Be sure to wash, dry, and iron your fabric before starting.
  • Cut your fabric into a square about an inch larger than you’d like your finished napkin to be. (For example, if you want your napkin to be 20 inches x 20 inches, cut the fabric 21 inches x 21 inches.) Since my scraps of fabric were all different sizes, my finished cloth napkins all are different sizes too. I basically just cut them into whatever sized square I could get out of them. I would say most are about 18 inches x 18 inches.

For Mitered Corners

1. Place your fabric with the wrong side facing up. Cut off about 1/2 inch from each corner.

2. Fold down the edge you just cut about 1/2 inch, and press it down with an iron.

3. Fold one side of your napkin down about 1/2 inch and press. Then fold it about another half inch and press. Pin in place.

4. Do this with the remaining three sides. (If you like things perfect, you’ll really want to take your time making sure each side is folded down the exact same amount. If you’re like me, you will not take your time to measure and just hope for the best. Although the “hope for the best” method is way easier and less stressful, your corners will not always match up.)

cut off the corners of the fabric fold down corner and press fold down one side press and pin


Fabkins Fabkins Everyday Organic Cloth Napkins for Kids (Beach Bound--Solid Yellow)
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  • Made of soft 100% certified organic cotton
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Cloth napkin tips

2009-12-01 16:12:28 by MyThought

The most absorbant fabric for napkins is cotton. A cotton/poly blend also has good absorbancy with the added bonus of being a no-press fabric. I use 100% cotton napkins in my home, and if I fold them as soon as I get them out of the drier, pressing is unnecessary.
Use a patterned fabric to minimize food stains. After all, you're using an absorbant fabric, and it will absorb stuff.
For adults, I like 20" pre-hemmed square napkins, and for kids, about 18". If you have a narrow hem foot, this is the perfect time to use it.
Unlike paper napkins, you can use cloth napkins for more than one meal

Obentec, Inc Laptop Lunches Bento-ware 100% Organic Cotton Napkins, Set of 3, Berry (N810w-berry)
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  • Each napkin folds out to a 10"x10" square.
  • Can double as a placemat.
  • Perfect accessory to round out your waste free lunch kit.
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