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Kids' Clothing: A Guide To Buying Online | Online Shopping
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Kids' clothing: A guide to shopping online

By Lauren Rowland |

Do you dread shopping for kids’ clothes and shoes? For most of us, it means dragging a screaming toddler around the shops (or an unimpressed husband) and hours of trying on. So why not check out online shopping? Shopping for kids’ clothing and shoes online is safe, time efficient and dead easy – plus you can save a heap of money. Embrace the ease of shopping online with these tips.

How to make the most of shopping online

Shopping online is a busy mum’s lifesaver. You have instant access to the best kids’ clothing and shoes in the world – without having to leave the couch. And if you’re prepared to do a little price matching, you can nab super-cheap kid’s gear. Here are our top tips to making the most of online shopping:

  • Know what you’re looking for before you start, and the size and material you need it in
  • Keep an eye out sales on kids’ clothing and shoes
  • Sign up for email updates from your favourite stores (you can get discount codes and early notification of sales)
  • Know your seasons and check out overseas sites. Since their seasons are opposite, you can snap great clothing and shoe bargains in advance
  • Know your rights. Check out the ACCC Online Shopper’s Checklist before you get your credit card out

What makes a good online store

A good online kids’ clothing and shoe store is worthy of bookmarking. You should be able to tell in a few minutes if you’re destined for an easy breezy shopping experience. Here’s what to look for in a kids’ clothing site:

  • Easy navigation – whether you’re after kids’ clothing or shoes, you should be able to find the section in seconds
  • Make sure they have a clearly displayed conditions and return policy
  • Customer reviews or testimonials (mums are great for providing honest reviews of a product or service)
  • A large sale section
  • A fast checkout section
  • Clearly displayed fabrics that the item is make out of
  • Low postage fees (you don’t want to save on kids’ clothing only to spend a fortune on postage)
  • Customer support – you should be able to email through any queries and get a fast response

There are a heap of great kids’ clothing and shoe stores featured on The Spot. Here are some great online stores to get you started:

  • BIG by Fiona Scanlon - gorgeous, stylish looks for little ladies.
  • nooshie – check out the oh-so-cute organic T-shirts from this boutique brand.
  • lazypatch – discover this nifty “duvet” suit and boots to keeps kids snuggly from couch to bed.
  • Mickey House Kids – browse designer baby and kids wear at affordable prices.
  • Mini Merino Kids Clothing – keep kids warm and stylish in this top quality merino wool clothing.
  • PJ Emporium – check out comfy and cute jammies for babies and kids.


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Cheap kids clothes online sources??

2012-03-15 07:15:53 by -

My two favorite places upped their prices and honestly, it pissed me off. The stuff is used first of all, and secondly, the one shop has gotten really expensive. I feel like they don't care about their customers.
Anyone else have an online shop where the clothes for kids are cheap, can be used, and in abundance. I have a toddler girly that's completely grown out of her 2t clothing all at once (she's 12 months old btw).
I need clothes, and I'm a single mom without a ton of money. This sucks.

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