Clothing Labels for Kids

IHeart Organizing: Conquering Clothing Clutter: Kid's Closet
Clothing Labels
  • I took everything out of the closet and evaluated the size. If something was questionable {as some things run big and small}, I had the kids try on their clothing to see how well it still fit.
  • We checked over items for tears, rips, stains, etc...
  • Items that no longer fit were tossed into a donate bin.
  • Everything was hung back up on hugable hangers to maximize the itty bitty closet space and the reduce the number of falling shirts {"Really mom! They fell! I did hang up my clothes, I promise!"}
  • We created clothing tag labels, not to divide clothing types {our system is simple, shirts on top rod, pants on lower}, but to give the kids a place to plan our their clothes for the entire week. We currently plan the night before, but planning on Sunday for the entire week will give us one less thing to do each night. And although summer is just around the corner, the kids will still need to be able to pop out of bed and get dressed for summer activities and programs. Not to mention, it will help them get into a good routine for our next school year.

To make the tags, I just used some leftover cardboard from cereal boxes, which I cut using my Silhouette to ensure all were the same size:

I have to say! It feels amazing to have one of the three rooms knocked off the list {my oldest son's dresser and my armoire are still waiting to be tackled}. Off to work on the next!

Who else manages outfits for the kidlets a week at a time, and how has it been working for you? Any other tips for maintaining a tidy tiny kid's closet?

Pssst! You may have noticed that we have since upgraded the bins to the Target ITSO bins, since they are much sturdier and gave much more room for the kid's clothing. The previous bins ended up working out well for a gal pal's child, so it was a win win!


Home (Innovative Home)
  • Made of 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 6 shelves labeled Monday - Friday and Weekend
  • 12 shoe size pockets on the back, 3 large pockets on each side
  • Rotates for easy access to pockets on all sides
  • Measures 11"L x 11"W x 58"H

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I agree on the labels for the most part

2009-01-11 10:49:12 by althoughIbelieve

There's lots of tasteful clothing other than what you listed.
TV/Computer placement isn't a tacky vs. tasteful issue, sorry. In many situations it's a bad idea, but that doesn't make it tacky. And for older kids/teens, it sometimes makes sense due to space issues, etc. Simply having them in their room doesn't automatically translate to unsupervised, unlimited use.
I don't think the Volvo vs SUV issue is so much tacky vs tasteful either. I agree that the way many people use SUVs is tacky (all for appearances), but don't think Volvo's confer tastefulness on their owners either

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