Gymboree clothes for kids

How I Dress My Kids in Gymboree Clothes for Free or Nearly Free

I wrote the bulk of this post in March, 2009, as a guest post for Money Saving Mom days before I started my own blog. In fact, I had so much fun writing this post, I decided to start Mom’s Plans a few days later. I have updated the post and have decided to run it on my blog in part because of the large response I received about my great stock up at Gymboree yesterday.

I love Gymboree clothes. I love their cute designs, especially for girls. However, I do not love their retail prices. Yet, when I shop at the back of the store, I find some clothing that is discounted as much as 80%. Pants that would normally cost $28.00 are marked down to $6.99. Beyond shopping the sales racks, there are plenty of other ways to save on Gymboree clothing which I want to share with you all:

::Buy only clearance items and always use coupons. Many magazines such as Plum and Parents Magazine offer 20% off coupons. I subscribe to the Gymbohaven Newsletter to learn what magazines are currently offering coupons. (Check out the deal at Mamapedia to get Parents Magazine for as low as $1!!)

::Buy during Gymbucks earning time, but only buy items that are on clearance. If you purchase $50 worth of clothing during Gymbucks earning, they will give you a voucher for $25 off your $50 order during Gymbucks redemption. If you purchase $100, you will receive a voucher for $50 off your next $100 order.

Gymboree offers Gymbucks about six times a year. Typically Gymbucks earning periods run about 6 weeks long and redemption periods run about 10-14 days. During the Gymbucks earning period, it is not unusual for Gymboree to have sales where they drop the price of shirts to $3.99, pants to $6.99, dresses to $6.99 to $9.99, and shoes to $4.99. If it is at the end of a season, I always buy my kids clothes for next year in a size up from what they are currently wearing.

::Use eBay to make money back on your kids used Gymboree clothes. Even though it is possible to dress my kids for a fraction of the cost of retail at Gymboree, it is still not that frugal until eBay is added in.

For the last few years, once my children have outgrown their Gymboree clothes, I sell them on eBay, usually for the same price I bought them for or sometimes more than I paid! For instance, when my son was two, I fell in love with a pair of black corduroy overalls with a train on the front. I bought those and a matching turtleneck and socks (both with the train image on them) and spent approximately $22 on this outfit, and he wore it for his pictures, for Christmas, and to church.

After he had outgrown it, I sold it on eBay for $24.95! Basically, he wore this adorable outfit for an entire winter and then I got all of my money back. I dressed him for free!

A few tips for selling your children’s clothing on eBay:

::When buying at Gymboree, make sure to avoid plain items. For example, I bought my son a blue striped tee shirt and khaki shorts. Even though it is cute, because it is plain, I am having a hard time selling it on eBay.


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Sal's has good cheap clothes for kids... tips

2007-01-13 14:58:26 by CheapCheryl

Sal's... the Salvation Army. Kids outgrow stuff so fast you can get pretty good clothes any time of year.
When you're there, ask when they put out the children's clothes. A lot of the stores add stock on certain days of the week or month and sometimes stock different parts of the store on a schedule. Then you will know when to go.
Try going to a non-frugal part of town. Like, maybe the Salvation Army in the financial district or near a large office building has a drop-off. Well-off women donate clothes on their way to or from work, and their idea of "not worth keeping" might be a lot different from mine or yours!
The downside is that if the clothes are from someplace like gymboree, mothers of some of your kids' friends might remember the styles form years gone by

Gymboree Toddler Girl's Candy Denim Fashion Jeans Adjustable Waist Size 4 by Gymboree
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Gymboree Toddler Girl's Pink Apple Ruffle Legging Size 3T PREP SCHOOL by Gymboree
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