Vintage Clothes for Kids

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Vintage Baby Clothes

Vintage baby clothes are simply adorable, unique and bring back fond memories from a bygone era. Like a fine wine, some things do get better with age, but these outfits were simply so spectacular back in the day, that designers simply had to help make them a comeback for today’s generation. So what styles are making a raging comeback, making parents’ line up to introduce their children to styles they remember from their generation? “Queen or King of the Universe” is popular – the chubby little baby face with a throne bestowed upon his/her head, baseball style sleeve bodysuits for team sports, bell-bottom ruffle pants and even tracksuits. What parent can resist paying homage to their own childhood fashions, while forcing their parents to remember decade’s past? It will bring back memories between siblings and friends, making them awe over these vintage fashions. Parents will adore posing their babies for the latest set of Facebook pictures, sure to garnish dozens of likes from former elementary school classmates.


Lucky Brand Lucky Brand Boys 2-7 Toddler Hills Long Sleeve Woven, Vintage, 3T
Apparel (Lucky Brand)
  • Long sleeve top
  • Woven button down shirt

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Second hand and vintage clothes in Paris

2005-04-25 06:17:00 by checkin-it-out-in-paris

I'm in Paris for two weeks... anyone know where I can find some good second-hand/vintage stores? I have children too, is there anything like that in Paris for kids??? Even if anyone can point me in the right direction as far as what districts to checkout, because so far, I'm at the mercy of my inlaws... okay, I'll just leave it at that!!! : )

Wes & Willy Wes & Willy Boys 8-20 Vintage Boards Long Sleeve Tee, Kelly, Large
Apparel (Wes & Willy)
  • Tagless tee
  • Pre-shrunk
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Sweet Jojo Designs Baby and Kids Clothes Vintage Aviator Airplane Laundry Hamper by Sweet Jojo Designs
Baby Product (Sweet Jojo Designs)
  • Dimensions: 26.5in. x 15.5in. x 16in.
  • Includes: Natural wood stand and removable mesh inner liner comes out easily for toting laundry
  • Wooden Stand folds flat for space-saving storage
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • This design has matching accessories such as mobiles, lamp shades, window treatments and wall decor.

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