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Affliction shirts, Affliction hoodies and Affliction clothes are one, if not THE popular MMA brand clothing line in the fight game today! MMA fighter's like Georges St. Pierre, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Randy Couture and others rock Affliction clothing inside and outside the octagon, so why not you?

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Some Tips and Advice When Buying MMA Training Equipment

For the best deals and sales on the top quality MMA Affliction shirts, Affliction MMA Clothing, MMA fight gear, and everything you need for mixed martial arts check out the MMA store and

Chances are when you decide on what Affliction MMA supplies, Affliction shirts, and Affliction clothing line products you’ll end up buying, it will come down to a few things:

  • How much your willing to spend
  • What type of styles and designs you like
  • The quality of material used to make the MMA equipment and apparel
  • The overall value of whatever your buying

Honestly though, if you want to be serious about MMA fighting here’s some advice:

Save up money and invest in top quality MMA training equipment and DON’T BE CHEAP when buying mixed martial arts training equipment. Why? It's easy to understand:

  • It’s your protection! You want quality MMA training equipment that will keep you from getting injured during hard, intense training sessions.
  • The cheaper the MMA training equipment, the cheaper the quality of material used to make it. Obviously it won’t last nearly as long or protect you as well as top quality MMA gear which means you’ll just end up spending more money on new MMA fighting gear or end up in a hospital paying the medical bills since you decided to use cheap, low quality MMA supplies.
  • You want to look badass - and you won’t look badass with the cheapest MMA training equipment around

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Men's Front Pouch Pocket Affliction Hoodie, Navy/White, X-Large
Apparel ()
  • Polyester knit
  • Drawstring hood with contrast dry-Excel Elite pin-hole micromesh lining
  • Quarter zip neck styling for easy on and off
  • Matching self cuffs and bottom hem
  • Raglan sleeves

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Need a new scent for the man in my life

2004-01-30 07:14:42 by smelling-pretty

Ok, so this guy wears a scent that reallyreally bugs me, and I'm trying to figure out what I can give him as a replacement.
HE wears Carolina Herrera 212 for men, which I think smells WAY too much like the female version (which someone told me smells like an old french lady- I agree)
I'd like him to wear something a bit less fruity, but I don't want to give him something he'll hate. So, anyone know of something that's not too butchy man kinda smell that's not so flowery?
He has a bit of an eclectic eye, lives in a loft, and works as a software engineer- not a fashio

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