Concealed carry Clothes for men

Concealed Carry Clothing for Women
Concealed Carry Clothing (CCW Clothing) from SCOTTEVEST/SeV

Women’s fashions necessitate a redesign in concealed-carry gear, as we prefer not to put on a baggy polo to cover the holster in our blue jeans.

One of the main mistakes committed by companies attempting to target this market is a failure to treat women differently than men. The fact is, if I wanted to wear my boyfriend’s baggy tactical pants around town, I’d just steal them from him; I don’t need to go buy my own. Then again, I have absolutely no desire to wear baggy tactical pants. Making pants specifically designed for men a little bit smaller and labeling them as “women’s” is not really what we’re looking for.


However, for every company trying to get us to wear men’s pants, there are 10 more that have developed unique and creative concealed-carry clothing options for women. To many of us, it is important to remain fashionable even while toting around a handgun; we shouldn’t have to sacrifice vanity for safety.

Some great options for women who are looking for a way to carry include UnderTech compression shorts and shirts, which fit under normal daily clothes and have an integral holster that keeps the gun in tight enough to be easily concealed under most garments. It gives you freedom to wear what you want without having to figure out how to attach a gun belt.

Another way the industry has really stepped up for women is in the development of off-the-body carry, as it can be very difficult for women to conceal on-the-body given today’s fashions. While some of the bags and other items are tacky and appear to have been developed for a very unfashionable grandmother, there are actual purse designers who have started to show interest in developing products for this niche. For example, Kate Woolstenhulme of CC’s Designer Concealed Carry has done a wonderful job developing fashionable holster handbags for women interested in carrying purses that not only look fantastic, but are also tough enough to handle the weight of the gun. These totes have a cleverly designed elastic holster that is easy to access and fits a variety of handgun sizes.

One important element companies must remember is women differ greatly in their tastes and therefore their concealed-carry needs. No two women have the same style, and most women can barely agree on the best type of carry gun or even what type of holster is ideal for it. We need a variety of customizable products we can purchase to fit our individual needs.


BLACKHAWK! Blackhawk Men's 1700 Shirt (Blue Plaid, Large)
Apparel (BLACKHAWK!)
  • 100% Polyester and 94% Poly 6% Rayon
  • Left side-entry, zippered chest pocket, left patch chest pocket, and pleated back yoke for ease of motion
  • Durable, quick-drying material and UV protection (-UPF30+) that is wrinkle-resistant and has moisture-wicking treatments
  • Machine Wash Warm, Do Not Bleach, Tumble Dry Medium Heat, Iron Medium Heat, Dryclean Any Solvent
  • Indonesia

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5.11 5.11 Tactical S/S Holster Shirt, White, XX-Large
Apparel (5.11)
  • Securely stows compact handgun and magazines/speed loaders or mp3 player
  • Velcro pocket locks to keep hidden gear secure; opaque outer mesh layer obscures profile of handgun
  • Antimicrobial material; moisture wicking technology
  • Mesh shoulder yoke supports the extra weight of a concealed handgun and eliminates sagging
  • Flat-lock seams reduce friction and prevent chafing
Concealed carry versus two shotguns
Concealed carry versus two shotguns
Concealed Carry Holster Innovation
Concealed Carry Holster Innovation
Belt and Concealed Carry Holster
Belt and Concealed Carry Holster

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