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Trunk Club, A Personal Shopping Website, Sends Men's Clothes In A Trunk For Your Approval
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Trunk Club is a service that every man's girlfriend, wife and/or mother is going to be very, very, very excited about. It is the only startup I've covered that my mom has called to ask me about on a daily basis; my editor, Bianca Bosker, has been bugging me to write about it for weeks. And so, here it is:

Trunk Club.

The personal shopping startup matches each of its customers (men only!) with a personal stylist who reviews the guy's fashion sense and sends him an ingeniously-folded cardboard trunk of hand-selected, brand-name clothes for him to peruse. The man tries on all of the clothes, pays for what he fancies and sends back what he doesn't, giving his stylist feedback on what worked and what didn't. Despite being called a "club, " joining Trunk Club is free and non-exclusive; shipping for the trunks both ways is paid for by the company; and Trunk Club customers only pay money when and if they decide they want to own an article of clothing.

It is built on the same disruptive strategy as Netflix: Why go the movie store when the movie could come to you?

"We were formed with the idea that guys love to look good but hate to shop, " Trunk Club CEO Brian Spaly told HuffPost in an interview. "This is not true of all guys -- it's not universally true -- but for the vast majority, they don't really love shopping."

I am the vast majority, I suppose. Pardon me for being the Brutish Stereotypical Man of a bad 1990s stand-up comedy routine, but I dislike almost all aspects of the familiar clothes shopping experience: the poorly-ventilated dressing rooms that smell like stale air conditioning and old flatulence; the faint, cloying music; the endless displays of seemingly identical sweaters and button-down business shirts; the faux-cheery salespeople. Just thinking about suffering through a shopping outing at a New Jersey mega-mall is enough to transform me into a grouch of Andy Rooney-esque proportions.

"It's risk free, " Spaly assured me after similarly trashing the traditional storefront model of shopping. "I send you free clothes. You keep what you like, you send back what you don't like, and all it takes is putting a sticker on a box. We don't charge your credit card until we have the box back... That's not that much to ask, is it?"



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No way men's clothes are EXPENSIVE

2009-04-28 14:30:46 by --------

THey literally never go on sale. Ever.
Because the fashions don't change as much from season to season and the manufacturers make less because men shop less. So they pay full price for everything.
A gay friend was complaining and I didn't believe hi, and went shopping online for him. Even with my advanced bargain hunting skills I found very little.

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