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American Apparel Might Not Be ‘Made in America’ for Very Much Longer
American Made Matters

Scumbaggy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney recently used the blunderbuss of a talking hole he ordinarily uses to defend himself against sexual assault allegations to insist that his company's "Made in America" business model is not only salvageable, but a good long-term bet. This despite the fact that American Apparel has suffered nine straight quarterly losses, posted a net loss of $39.3 million in 2011, and watched its share prices close at just 86 cents on Friday. Nevermind all that, insists Charney, who, in spite of his optimism, has nonetheless left the door to cheap, overseas labor open enough to slide his unctuous body through should busines fail to improve.

The L.A. Times reports that American Apparel might finally be losing its grip on its only redeeming (unless you appreciate the Dov Charney soundbite) quality — it manufactures all of its clothes in the U.S., using Southern California factories that employ largely immigrant workforces and feature such benefits as on-staff physicians and masseuses for all those cramped, button-sewing fingers. The company can do this — at least for the time being — because of an incentive-based pay scale and devised by chief manufacturing officer and Fruit of Loom veteran Marty Bailey. Though every worker is guaranteed $8 an hour, employees are also paid for each completed garment at a "piece rate, " which means that factory workers typically earn something more like $11 an hour, with the fastest teams making as much as $18. Teams are comprised of between 5 and 20 workers, each with a specific, assembly-line job, i.e. attach the zipper, sew on the sleeves, etc. Factory supervisors are bilingual (the workers are mostly Latin American immigrants) and clock their teams each week, devoting time to train the slower teams.


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