Clothing for Petite Curvy Women

A Few Clothing Tips for Petite, Curvaceous Women
Curvy girls scoliosis foundation

A Few Clothing Tips for Petite, Curvy Women. This guide is for women who are:

  • Under 5'4"
  • Size Example: 6/8

Overall Goal

If you are a Petite, curvaceous woman the overall goal when selecting clothing is to elongate your body. To do this, there are some things you have to do and avoid.


A-line skirts

Kitten heels


Sling backs

Wrap dress (see fabrics)

One Button jackets

Pointed shoes

Mid-width straight trouser

Smaller handbags

Dark sweaters with contrasting waist band

Crewneck tops

Soft leather loafers

Halter necks (see fabrics)

Long straight ankle-length skirts

Straight pants that cover your shoes

Medium-length, double-breasted suit

JEANS: Boot-Cut, Baggy, Low Rise



  • Cotton or Nylon jersey (wrap dress)
  • Pin-stripes
  • Vertical stripes
  • Duchess satin
  • Thin knits with vertical ruching
  • Seamed bustline (halter necks)
  • Patterned Clothing
  • crepe, linen or wool jersey
  1. Patterned Clothing (Vertical Lines) - Just one or two lines
  2. High heels will elongate your legs - Be aware of clunky heels, they may have the opposite effect
  3. Wear thermal underwear that fits like a glove in Winter
  4. If you have a small waist and large hips, wear shaped tops that flow over the waist
  5. Thin fabrics like crepe, linen or wool jersey will flow over problem areas
  6. Medium-length, double-breasted suit (Helps to disguise big chest and hips)
  7. A-line dress and matching coat (Hides waist/hips)
  8. A single-button jacket with long pants has an overall slenderizing effect
  9. Single-button jacket with slightly longer lapel.
  10. To elongate legs, wear jackets open with shirts that end at the waist.
  11. Layer camisole, thin knit, and jacket for a more professional, put together look.
  12. Jackets must mold to the curve of the hip or sit on top of the hip
  13. Seamed bustlines on halter necks accentuate the bust
  14. Try straight pants that cover your shoes.
  1. Wearing large belts on top of pants or skirts together with blouses of a different color
  2. Extra fabric around the waist makes the waist look bigger/chunkier
  3. Very long baggy skirts make the bottom portion look chunkier
  4. Thick fabric clothing adds volume
  5. Items with multiple vertical lines or mixing two garments with lines pattern
  6. Undergarments that are too small or tight will create bulges
  7. Do not draw attention to an asset if it exposes a bad one - Example: If you have a small waist and large hips wearing a belt will draw attention to the difference between your waist and hips and make your hips look larger.
  8. Stretchy, lyrca materials that are too tight will show bulges and bumps
  9. Super Low-rise pants. The accent the hips & produces love handles.
  10. Shoes with ankle straps.
  11. Super high heels.
  12. Turtlenecks, if you have a short neck.
  13. Large handbags.
  14. Large belts on top of pants or skirts together with blouses of different color.
  15. Oversize clothing.


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