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Women s Attire | 2013 Kentucky Oaks & Derby | May 3 and 4, 2013

Whenever tall women meet, it does not take long for the conversation to turn to: "And where do you buy your clothes?" While men's clothing is often available in finely calibrated sizes---Short, Regular, Long sportcoats, sleeve lengths and neck sizes by the half-inch, inseams in measured intervals-women's clothing is much more hit or miss. There are "Tall" sizes out there for women if you look hard enough. However, the tall woman hardly ever finds clothing that fits in a regular brick and mortar store. On-line shopping is essential.

Some Anthropometric Facts: How Tall is Tall?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height of American women 20 years and up is 5' 4" tall. This is the average height of women 20 through 69 years old; women 70-79 must shrink a little or else they did not have as good nutrition: they average 5'3, " while women 80 and up average a diminutive 5'1". These figures are virtually identical for white and black females, with Hispanic American women just a little bit shorter. (No separate figures are provided for Asian American women.)

Women's "regular" clothing sizes are geared for women 5'4"-5'7", which means that half of the female population is "petite" (shorter than 5'4") and 10 percent is "tall" (taller than 5'7")! Perhaps then I should be writing this article about the clothing shopping woes of smaller women, but I'll leave that to writers of small stature...

Growing Up Tall

At 5'10" tall (at least until the old lady shrinkage hits), I learned how to forage for long sleeves and generous hems from my 5'9" mother (now slightly less). Since only 5 percent of American women exceed 5'8½" tall, we tend to view ourselves either as ungainly outliers or statuesque supermodels, depending on our girth and self-esteem. Either way, we scramble for clothing long enough to fit our proportions.

As I grew up (and up), I learned to shop at Lane Bryant, at various one of a kind tall shops in Baltimore or through catalogs. Often the clothing available through such channels was matronly, made of very fake-looking man made material, or available only in garish colors. I do remember Pendleton wool skirts, jackets, and sweaters that came in very tall sizes and were top quality.

So my mom and I sewed a lot of my clothing. I vividly recall adjusting the proportions of the patterns we used-cutting the pattern and leaving a 2 or 3 inch gap where the directions said "cut here to allow extra length." We sewed skirts, dresses, jackets, allowing extra inches on all. One thing we really were not equipped to sew was winter coats and jackets, so those were often purchased at the tall stores. My mom even sewed my wedding dress so it would fit perfectly.


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She's repping all MLB teams

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Her grandpa was a NY Giants fan though
Milano also has her own clothing and jewelry line, TOUCH by Alyssa Milano. Launched in the Spring of 2007, TOUCH was born out of necessity. When Milano, an avid baseball fan, went to games, she wanted to wear fan gear to support her team, but found that the product mix offered in the marketplace did not address her everyday fashion needs. She felt women should be able to look stylish while cheering on their favorite team. So, she partnered with G-III Apparel Group and Major League Baseball to design and distribute a line of juniors’ ladies MLB apparel

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