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Travel Wardrobe 101: stylish and functional travel clothing that protects you and your valuables - National Solo Women's Travel
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Stylish and functional. Two things that are important for women travelers.

I know a lot about the second topic, functional, and I'm learning more about the first one. I have to admit, I've never been accused of being the queen of style.

Look back through most of my photo albums from past trips and they look like I'm "Explorer Sandi" or on a backpacking trip. Everything had lots of pockets. The pants usually were the convertible cargo-style pants so that I could get two items in one. If I wore a pair of convertibles and packed a pair, that meant there were four outfits, right?

It's only recently that I began to realize that a women traveler can don clothing that's not only functional, complete with pockets and safety features, but look stylish as well. You just have to know where to shop and then do some advance planning so that those items can be budgeted into your trip expenses.

The benefit to incorporating the following tips into your travel wardrobe includes greater protection for your valuables, comfort, the ability to pack lighter, and decreased baggage expenses.

What are some of the criteria for functional travel clothing?

  • Durable
  • Quick drying
  • Deep pockets with zippers, velcro, or buttoned closures
  • Hidden pockets
  • Multi-purpose

Durable: It should go without saying that the clothing you invest in should be made well. The material should be of a type that resists wear and doesn't soil easily. It should be strong enough to handle the rigors of the "laundry services" provided in developing nations which may consist of a thourough hand washing on a big rock or scrubbing board.

When purchasing in person, make sure your seams are stitched well - preferably double-stitched. If you're traveling to hot climates where you may sweat...I mean'll want to make sure your material doesn't leave you with those awful yellow sweat rings in the armpits.

Quick drying: Depending upon your travel destination, you may or may not have access to the types of laundry service you're used to at home. A good alternative is to carry a small bar of laundry soap and wash the day's items in a sink, bucket or washtub each night. I've found that by doing that I can travel lighter and always have clean clothes.

Trendsformers LLC Just Solutions Inflatable Boot Shapers, Deep Wave - For Storage and Travel
Home (Trendsformers LLC)
  • Space saving, lightweight and reusable.
  • Great travel accessory
  • Saves money - Boots look great for longer.
  • Easy to deflate and store.
  • Great for Fall/Winter boot season use, as well as for summer boot storage.
  • A MUST for summer boot storage
  • Easy to use, Easy to store, Easy to transport
  • Protects boots from bending & creasing
  • Saves money - Boots look great for longer
  • Space saving, lightweight & reusable, Great travel accessory

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Here Ya Go.............

2005-05-24 13:45:59 by appleflavor

Digital camera, batteries, manual
iPod/Discman/MP3 player, batteries, mini-
Disposable underwater camera
Foreign-language dictionary or phrase book
Journal/notebook and pen
Maps and directions
Mini-DVD player or DVD-capable laptop and DVDs
Reading material
Travel guide(s)
Antibiotic cream
Anti-diarrheal medication
Birth control
Bug repellent
Cortisone 1% anti-itch cream
Extra pair of eyeglasses
For cruisers: Sea-sickness bands or pills

Sacs of Life Sacs of Life Triple Lux Travel/Make-Up Set, Pink
Health and Beauty (Sacs of Life)
  • Stylish 3-piece travel set with 6 separate zippered compartments to organize all of your belongings
  • 3.5 inch pull tan on the top zipper of each bag
  • Silver ball ring on left side that attaches the 3-piece set
  • Stylish and fun leopard lining to match
  • Large: 11 inch X 7 inch, Medium: 10 inch X 5.5 inch, Small: 8.75 inch X 4 inch
McKlein McKleinUSA LAKE FOREST 94330 Orange Leather Women's Case with Removable Sleeve
Apparel (McKlein)
  • Sleek, contoured design features a top zipper allowing easy access to the main compartment
  • Front organizer zipper section with storage space for media devices, business cards, key holder and pens Interior zipper pocket to help organize
  • Double compartment divided by secured zipper pocket for important documents Practical and stylish tubular leather arm straps
  • Matching leather shoulder strap with non-slip neoprene absorbs shock and alleviates body strain
  • Removable high-density laptop sleeve that protects laptops up to 15.4? in size
Trademark Global, Inc. (HI) Trademark Global 80-3607 Wallet - Protect Your RFID Credit Cards, Stainless Steel
Home Improvement (Trademark Global, Inc. (HI))
  • Advanced Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Metal Construction
  • RFID Blocking Theft Protection ? Blocks All RFID Radio Frequency Signals
  • Satin Smooth Ultra-Strong Build
  • Stylish Design for Men and Women
  • Bi-Fold Design ? Fits in Your Pocket or Purse

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