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Packing Tips for Women | Rick Steves Europe
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Packing Tips for Women

Learn about the right travel clothes when packing for Europe. These packing tips for women are courtesy of current and former Rick Steves tour guides Joan Robinson, Ann Neel, and others.

If you're not going to wear it more than three times, don't pack it! Every piece of clothing you bring should complement every other item or have at least two uses (e.g., sandals double as slippers, a scarf as a shoulder wrap).

Shop selectively: It's worth splurging a little to get just the right clothes for your trip. For durable, lightweight travel clothes, consider ExOfficio (tel. 800-644-7303), TravelSmith (tel. 800-770-3387), Tilley Endurables (tel. 800-363-8737), and REI (tel. 800-426-4840). In general, the color black dresses up easily and can be extremely versatile.

Tops: Bring two or three T-shirts (or buy overseas), one or two short-sleeved blouses, and one or two long-sleeved shirts. Long-sleeved shirts with sleeves that roll up easily can double as short-sleeved shirts. Look for a wrinkle-camouflaging pattern or blended fabrics that show a minimum of wrinkles. Synthetic-blend fabrics (such as Coolmax or microfiber) often dry overnight.

Pants and shorts: Dark-colored pants don't show dirt or wrinkles. Get a pair with a loose-fitting waistband that accommodates a money belt (and big Italian meals). Try convertible pants (with zip-off legs that convert to shorts). These are not especially stylish but are functional in Italy, allowing you to cover up inside churches and beat the heat outside.

If you bring shorts, one pair is probably enough, ideal for staying cool in a resort town or your hotel room. Few European women wear shorts. To avoid stares, consider bringing a pair of Capri pants instead.

Skirts: Some women bring one or two skirts because they're as cool and breathable as shorts, but dressier. And skirts make life easier than pants when you're faced with a squat toilet! A lightweight skirt made with a blended fabric will pack compactly. Make sure it has a comfy waistband or drawstring. Tilley (listed above) makes expensive but great skirts (and other items) from blended fabric that feels like cotton. Skirts go with everything, and can easily be dressed up or down.

After three Rick Steves tours, this woman knows the beauties of packing light. And after so much travel fun with just the right bag, a traveler becomes pretty attached.


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2004-08-08 16:09:18 by Mister_S

Thank you to everyone who contributed...i am married, so I wont be hitting on any Italian women, but i guess they are cold anyway...I am going to use most of these tips. I am still looking into shoes..might go with the Pumas or the Tsubo walking shoe, and a Privo by Clarks Black casual shoe that could double as a dressy shoe...I need to find some nice shirts to take with me...any good websites for travel clothing? LLBEAN? theNOrthFace?
Socks - Where can I get good walking/travel socks that are not too expensive? How many should I bring?

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