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Fashion moves in cycles, with styles from years ago coming back all the time. For some this means buying those reworked styles each season. Others have learned that vintage clothing for women can be used in a wardrobe to get the same look.

It does not only allow people to follow fashions, though. Those willing to dig and innovate can create their own trends. With a catalog stretching back into history, there are pieces to suit any possible personal taste. Between authentic and reproduction items, they can also fit into any budget from limitless to starving student.

One young woman might love the classic shapes of the 1940s, while another enjoys mixing older elements with her new designer picks. Both can use authentic pieces from previous years to round out their look. A third may love designer fashion but not have the money to indulge. She can hunt for bargains. After all, the iconic little black dress was a Valentino from the sixties.

For those following trends, it can be really easy to show up looking just like everyone else. This is even more of an issue in smaller towns. Those living in large cities like New York, London, or Los Angeles have plenty of shops to choose from. When there are few local options, however, new clothes can make the horror of wearing the same thing as a friend an every day occurrence. That leaves two choices. Look the same, or find another source for clothes.

The addition of vintage clothing for women means variety. Even in the smallest town or the most limiting trend. It could be a simple as a small piece of jewellery, or even a statement piece. Or it could mean taking the current style as a starting point, and mixing in older items until a unique look emerges.


Shenzhen jumeitang Technology Co., Ltd. Bemaystar Women's Vintage Crystal Peacock Hair Clip Head Wear
Beauty (Shenzhen jumeitang Technology Co., Ltd.)
  • Use with other hair accessories
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Google mostly

2008-09-03 20:14:04 by javajunkie1976

I've been using google search and looking under 1940's (or 1930s) fashion, fashions for women of the 1940s, etc. I've even tried looking at google images, get bits and pieces and a lot of ads that don't lead anywhere. I really want to find something online for free because I'm on a student's budget (think broke). The dresses I do design I then send to a friend of mine who actually makes them with a sewing machine. (I can only sew by hand)
There is a vintage clothing store near where I live, but the employees are not exactly high up on the intelligence scale. (too smart for govern

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Singer SINGER 12-Dial Fabric-Backed Adjustable Dress Form, Red
Art and Craft Supply (Singer)
  • Fully adjustable dress form for use in sewing projects or as a display piece
  • 12 Adjustment Dial (Bust, Waist, Hips) provide a perfect fit
  • Hem Guide allows for perfect hems on skirts and dresses
  • Foam-Backed Fabric Exterior allows you to easily pin dresses, skirts, tops and patterns
  • Height Adjustment lets you customize the dress form to your height in a snap
Black Feather Fabric Flower Net Fascinator Hair Clip and Cocktail Hat
Apparel ()
  • Black fascinator features 4" x 5¼" fabric cap with fabric flower, feather accents and mesh net.
  • Includes clear comb.
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