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Friday 5: Five Places To Get Workout Clothes On The Cheap
Running & Urban Fitness Clothes for Women – Tanks, Tops, Pants

When I first started working out, I didn’t have “workout clothes.” I went out in a “polo” that I’d bought from Old Navy, and some capri pants I’d purchased from Rainbow. (You can hate on my Rainbow pants, but they were fly for a size 26.) I was so eager to just get out there and go, that there were nights I was out there walking with Mini-me in my pajama pants.

That’s right. I said it. Pajama. Pants. I was determined… your snootiness about my flannel pants be damned!

But, as with all things, this slowly came to an end for me. I even remember how it happened. Mini-me and I were outside, walking our little path, when all of a sudden I felt a cold breeze.

Um, it was a little TOO cold, though.

My pants, apparently, without my understanding (or even paying attention), had become a tad bit too loose and baggy over the weeks, and had finally given up the ghost. There, they rested… just chillin’ at my knees, leaving those cheeks of mine exposed.

I busted out laughing, grabbed my pants, and walked away in shock. That had never happened to me before! For once, my clothes were too big. Wow, how does that happen? I mean, yeah, it happens, but when it does? That first time? It takes a moment.

The reality hits you. You, eventually, have to invest in some workout clothes. You can’t work out in clothes designated for another activity – like “work” or “kicking it” (yes, “kicking it” is an activity) and, quite frankly, there’s something “official” about putting on my workout gear. It’s like I’m getting into the mind frame that says… it’s time to kick some ass. My own ass.

But, if you’re swapping sizes quickly, what do you do? You try to get the best quality that you can afford, as cheaply as possible. That’s what. But how? And where? I’ve got five spots that wll offer you the best bang for your financial buck, and a bonus spot that’s just for the time being.

1) Your favorite sporting goods store… in the clearance section: Obviously, the most top of the line products are going to be sold, here. But just like any other store, they have to have markdowns in order to both still profit from the supply as well as move it out of the store to make space for the incoming supply. I was able to get a handful of Nike dry-fit shirts (green and neon pink, thank you very much) for under $20 a piece. Compression socks? $1 a pair. You have to make regular visits – just like how some of us saunter into Macy’s regularly to see what they’ve got, you’ve got to do the same at Dick’s (the place I got my socks and dry-fit shirts) or Sports Authority in order to catch the thriftiest of deals. It’s a lifestyle now, one we want to keep as cheap as possible. The sizing on this is usually location-specific: I couldn’t find anything beyond a size L in some cities, but the XLs were pretty plentiful in Indiana the last time I was there. (I’on know if they’re trying to say something about Hoosiers, but… )

2) Marshall’s / TJ Maxx/Burlington Coat Factory: It sounds counter-intuitive, but when large-name stores can’t “clearance” away the products that are going out of season, they give them to places like Burlington or TJ Maxx to sell. This includes things like workout pants, jackets and tanks. No word on sports bras, although the tennis shoe selection (and the prices for ‘em) might make up for that. Sizes here, too, only tend to go up to an XL, but considering vanity sizing… anyone who’s uncertain about whether that XL includes them may want to give it a shot.


Wellgate for Women Wellgate for Women Gel-Comfort Knee Support, 1 Size
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Remember...buying clothes for work is

2004-10-20 15:33:17 by Duke_of_Earl

An investment; not simply an investment in money and time, but, also an investment in yourself. Take the time to try on your new clothes before you purchase them. Make sure they not only look good, but that they also feel good and make you feel comfortable.
Always remember my number one rule: If it's important for you to make a fashion statement, don't let it be..."Help! I have no fashion sense!"
Most women are better than men in this area. But women get lazy, and I have noticed that some women just give up.
Why all the sweatpants and sweatshirts? You don't look like you are working out

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Core Workouts For Women
Core Workouts For Women
New Women s Workout Clothes from Tasc
New Women's Workout Clothes from Tasc
Chest Workout-For Women
Chest Workout-For Women
Soybu Soybu Women's Allegro Capri, Black, Medium
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