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American Army and Navy Surplus Store - Downtown Minneapolis
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This place has been around forever. Literally since WW2. It used to be about twice the size it is now. I remember coming downtown as a kid and begging my parents to let me stop there and just look at all the weird crazy stuff they had in the store. They had real surplus at that point, actual stuff from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. The place was well stocked, laid out logically, and put together well.

At some point, all of this fell apart.

I am currently looking for a new backpack for overnight and ultralight weekend camping. There is an entire cottage industry of companies who make packs, clothes, etc for military use, I was hoping to see some of the stuff I was looking for, to get an idea of the size and construction.

I get in there and am immediately confronted by the lady that runs the store. She was actually nice to me, which I guess is odd after reading the other reviews.

I actually walked out. Here's why:

1. There are lots of companies that make gear used by US Armed Forces. It ranges in quality and price quite a bit. This place is jam packed with low end brands, yet everything was priced as if it was high end stuff.

Fox Tactical Large Transport Pack...
$47 on Amazon
$60 at other Army Surplus stores
$90 here.

Their BDUs and ACUs were also horrendously overpriced. $45-50 for a pair of pants I can buy from the manufacturer for $38, or another store for $30.

2. This lady, to echo other comments, is a horrible human being. I walked in and she was dealing with a woman and her two sons. Harken back to my youth...these two kids had just finished maybe 8th grade, and were here to spend some money their mom had given them for getting good grades. They were looking for a specific hat and were asking the lady if she could add a patch to it, seeing a sewing machine nearby and reading a sign that offered this service.

"Yeah but I'm not going to look around all day for the damned patch, you better know which one you want."

"We do, it's this one" (points to patch).

"Well, I can do that, but you know it's going to cost you extra, and not just a few dollars. I don't really have time to waste on this, so it's gonna be awhile and it won't be cheap."

I visibly watched the mother continue to try and be civil with this hag of a shopkeeper, knowing that her kids really wanted this to happen. It was really horrendous to witness.

3. The stock in their shop is god awful. It used to be well stocked. Now, it is littered with unopened boxes, mismatched boots, off brands of everything, and nothing is organized. I shudder to think what would happen if I asked this lady if she had something in back or downstairs.

4. There was an old, used looking load bearing vest hanging on a mannequin on the wall with a sign that said "no longer made" next to a $1400 price tag. A brand new, rugged as hell, American made LBV is not even 25% of that price.

Really sad. It's hard to find military surplus anywhere anymore. Even if this place had the real deal, this lady ruined it for me 100%. I normally give no shits about customer service, but after watching her treat that mom and her two kids like that, I will never ever set foot in here again.


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I personally think they're really lame

2004-08-02 10:39:26 by Rottenclam

Its all about the "hardore" scene. The guys wearing them are the same ones that wear women's jeans, and have bandanas hanging out of their pants too. The hats themselves are typical officer's field caps that can be purchased in any Army/Navy surplus store.
Although at this point you'll probably start to see them in hipster boutiques. The trend of these new-breed hardcore kids that rock this fashion started in the outskirts of NYC (upsate actually) about 3 years ago.
5 years before that it was JNCO jeans, and before that it was camo and hooded sweatshirts. Too bad the street-culture has gotten full of lightweights and lost any sense of the insane aggression it used to contain

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