Best stores for Women's clothing

World’s Best Clothing Stores: The Fashionista Ranking

Specialty retailers. The high street. Chain stores. The mall. Whatever you want to call them, these are the places that most of us do the majority of our shopping. (I may own a Chanel bag, but my jeans are from Uniqlo.)

Which clothing stores offer the right mix of well-made, gently-priced, well-designed clothes? To rank the world’s best, we tapped our string of correspondents–from Los Angeles to Paris to Tokyo–to tell us which stores they enjoy most. As usual, our methodology is loose, but fair: We factored in fabric and construction quality, price (as it relates to quality), overall desirability, and accessibility to a large audience. And we only considered stores that sell clothes for both men and women. (No discount, department store, or boutique retailers were included.)


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Best place for women's clothing in Beantown

2005-09-09 19:23:38 by w_mass

I'm 25, and like unique, funky, quality clothes. I used to LOVE love love H&M, but it has gone way downhill in the past few years! I'm so frustrated. I recently went shopping for a dress for a wedding, and went to: Filene's, Macy's, H&M, Marshall's, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, and Anthropologie, and didn't see anything that I liked. I finally found a pretty nice, but plain dress at Filene's Basement (for $25! should have started there). I couldn't believe I had spent the entire damn day looking for a dress.
It seems like clothes at all the big name stores just suck right now

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