Clothing Store in NYC for women

Top 10 Vintage Clothing Stores in New York City

Vintage wear tends to trump most fashion trends -- or,in other words,old is the new new. Lucky for the trend conscious among us,New York's wealth of vintage stores make it simple to look chic and seasoned to perfection. Check out our favorite vintage shops around the city...

10. Tokio 7 -- (Above) Not to be confused with Tokyo Joe's just a few blocks away,Tokio 7 prides itself on its "unusual" and "funky" vintage styles,with a smattering of high-end designer labels at reasonable prices.amarcord2.jpgClothes and merchandise are changed daily,and the store is often bustling. Animal-bodied cherubs dangling from the ceiling breakup the store's blasé décor and pallid lime walls. 83 East 7th Street,212- 353-8443

9. Amarcord -- It looks like the 1970s let loose on the décor and clothing in this colorful shop -- though it carries items from the 1940s to 1980s,the many sequined,sparkled,and downright groovy outfits seem partial to one fashion era in particular (disco fever,anyone?). Carrying exclusively upscale European vintage clothing,the price range might be a bit steep,but the looks are well worth it. 252 Lafayette Street,212-431-4161

8. What Goes Around Comes Around -- This upscale shop knows how to pull off cowboy couture without screaming kitsch,or even spaghetti western. A bit pricey perhaps,but one look at the fine quality of the women and menswear--whether lacey,leathered,denim,or somewhere in between -- and you know you're getting your money's worth. Come here to fuse big city style with old western charm. 351 West Broadway,212-343-1225

7. Beacon's Closet -- Obvious,yes,but no vintage list would be complete without it. With branches in Manhattan,Williamsburg,and Park Slope,Beacon's Closet promises a higher percent payback than any other clothing exchange store. The selection is enormous and color-coded for your convenience,and prices hard to beat. Not the place to go digging for high-end designs,but for everyday wear and bargain buys,this spot is great. 88 North 11th Street,Brooklyn,718-486-0816

6. No. 6 -- You can find this gem on a quaint side street in Little Italy,tucked between Grand and Broome Street in NoLita. Buzz in,and the store's warm staff welcomes you to their handpicked vintage styles,select pieces from contemporary independent designers,as well as a few items designed specially for No. 6. They also host occasional music and art events. 6 Centre Market Place,212-226-5759

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Syms/Filene's/Century 21 are GREAT!!

2004-06-24 14:33:45 by halnyguy

But these are stores that are located where I am in NYC (and Filene's started in MA). They are discount stores that have all types of clothing for men and women. Try to find a store in S.F. that gets closeout items from manufacturers and sells them for a low % of the original cost. Those type of stores don't have the $$ to hire sale people to bother you because their sales help are not working on commission.

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