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As college friends who shared an obsession with fashion and an appreciation for fabulous and affordable style, Caroline (right) and I decided after a few years in corporate America that it just wasn’t for us.

Countless hours of research, lots of soul searching, sweat and tears led us to open an online boutique and turn our dream of careers in fashion into reality. launched in 2010. We filled orders out of a spare bedroom in my house. We worked on the website all hours of the night then got up and went to our full time jobs. When the strain of both became too great, we took a serious leap of faith and quit our day jobs to focus solely on growing Vestique.

On October 5 2011, we proudly opened the doors to our first brick-and-mortar store, 1818 Oberlin Road in Raleigh, N.C. (home of the NC State Wolfpack—our alma mater). It was single handedly the best day of both of our lives! We loved meeting our shoppers, styling them and ultimately seeing happy customers walk in and out of our doors so much that decided to open another store in Charlotte, N.C. Our 1532 East Blvd. store opened in May of the next year. A store at 1922 Augusta Street in Greenville, S.C. followed shortly after in December. We're excited to announce we've opened our 4th Vestique at 631 Harden Street in Columbia!

Vestique is our heart and soul. You can find one or both of us in one of our stores 7 days a week. We take pride in offering quick shipping, top-notch customer service and the trendiest pieces of clothing and accessories at the best prices around. We feel blessed to have the best co-workers and customers in the business.

We love to hear from you! Emails, tweets, Facebook and/or Instagram posts of you wearing our clothes truly make our day. Please keep in touch with us! After all, you are the reason we do what we do.




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"Modest clothing for women" websites...

2009-06-24 12:17:41 by outofhistory1

I've found that an old Mormon friend of mine shops at a store called "Shade" online, and I've looked before at other 'modest clothing' websites that are for Christian, Jewish, or Muslim women.
Sometimes (like at Shade) the clothes are actually cute, and they are so cheap!! I imagine they must not be very well made, because they're so cheap, but I'm not sure.
Is another part of religion, and shopping at these stores, the idea that you shouldn't spend a fortune on clothing, because that's just vanity?
Has anyone here ever shopped at those websites?

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