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When it comes to amazing hipster clothes for men and an outstanding price, Hipster-clothes.com has you covered. We make it a priority to bring all of your favourite brands and designers together in one place at a price that you have to see to believe. From hipster shirts for men to jeans and jackets, the clothing you will find at our site is sure to be some of the greatest you have seen.

In addition to the brands and designer names you know in hipster men’s clothing, we are also proud to offer some of the greatest names you may not know, as well. We find our designer clothing from around the world so when shopping online at our site, you never know what you may discover.

We invite you to take some time and browse our collection of men’s clothes, today. We are confident you will find the right style and right price to suit your taste and your budget.

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Advice for men's clothes

2002-04-12 12:37:34 by BrooklynBoy

Despite living in such a large city, I have a problem finding decent clothes. I am a 20-something male that considers a pair of jeans fresh from the cleaners 'dressing up'. Why can't I find normal clothes? I am somewhat of a minimalist, so I prefer clothes that are generally one color. Can someone please tell me where to shop? All I can find are:
* malls, uh, no thank you
* ghetto-clothing stores. No offense to anyone, I have some Echo shirts, but I am looking for pants that I can fit into
* those mainly Levis stores on Broadway geared toward tourists that still think Levis are hip

Men s Clothing Store
Men's Clothing Store
mens clothing stores and womens …
mens clothing stores and womens …
Two and a Half Men - New Clothes for Alan
Two and a Half Men - New Clothes for Alan

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