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I recently was browsing the racks in a popular kids' clothing store. I picked up a very cute spring dress and admired it. Then I looked at the price tag and quickly put it back on the shelf. That one dress cost the same as my entire budget for my daughter's spring wardrobe! A few weeks later, I bought the same dress for less than half the original price.

I always hear people say that they buy their children's clothing at a thrift store or consignment store. If you live in a town like mine, the local thrift stores usually have clothing that looks like it came from the 1980's. I don't have much luck with thrift stores.

There are some tricks to getting a good deal on brand new kids' clothing. You have probably noticed that most children's stores do not have the regular sales that other stores often do. Here are some tips to help you save money when outfitting your kids.

▪ Get a store credit card.

You have to be able to pay if off immediately after the shopping trip, so make sure you have the money for the clothes you buy. The card will often give you a discount. Many stores have a promotion where you get 10-20% off when you sign up for the card, so keep that in mind and sign up when you have a large purchase planned.

▪ Choose your favorite stores and sign up for their emails.

They will often send you coupons and heads up for upcoming sales. If you put in your full address, you will get coupons by mail also.

▪ Buy for the next year at the end of season clearance.

I usually buy my children's winter coats at OshKosh outlet store for $5, once winter is over. I recently bought my daughter a Gymboree swimsuit for $2, that she can wear this summer.

▪ Shop online and use coupon codes. is a great website for coupon codes. is another one that usually has reliable coupon codes. You can often find free shipping codes along with codes for a certain percentage off.

If you don't mind second hand clothing, you can also have a clothing swap with some of your friends. Have them invite their friends also, to get a larger group. Be sure to tell everyone to only bring clothing that is in good condition, with no tears or stains. You can get some great clothing this way, and you get to pick what you want.

You don't have to pay full retail prices to get cute kids' clothing. Yes, it is tempting to buy those adorable outfits as soon as they come out in the store, but if you wait a month or so, they will most likely cost a lot less. Take advantage of sales, and let the retail stores do the work by emailing you the best deals.


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Rockwell- If you have kids that keep bugging you

2007-03-28 10:11:28 by etranze

Rockwell is located 1 block east of Eaton Centre, best possible urban clothing store in the city. All of the stuff is legit and haggling is always an option. I've notice that prices on average are 15%-50% less than athletes world or foot locker. If you have kids that keep bugging you for new clothes, shoes, and accessories of the urban variety this is a place for you. I saved loads of money buying stuff for my visting cousin.

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