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May 17, 2013

Selling Kids Clothing Online

If you are considering starting an online store, think about selling kids clothing online. Not only is this e-commerce category fun but it is profitable as well! This type of online store already has a strong, built in demographic willing to spend a little more than average on unique baby items they can’t find anywhere else.

Ideas for your online kids clothing store:

  • Eco-friendly, fair trade and organic clothing are big trends!
  • Find unique, modern items to carry to set your online store apart. Search out local artisans or attend major trade shows to find interesting products.
  • Consider branching out and selling other kid related items that pair perfectly with clothing like toys, accessories, modern looking diaper bags, etc. to boost sales and interest.
  • Bundle similar or complimentary items together to create gift sets, perfect for a baby shower or birthday.
  • Specialty items that can be customized, such as embroidered dresses, are great for special occasion gifts.

Tips to grow your online business:

  • Find your niche. Do your research and answer key questions: What type of products are you excited to sell? Who buys this type of product? By answering these questions, you’ll help narrow down your niche and give your business direction.
  • Start blogging! Blogging is a great way to grow organic search traffic to your website. Be sure to write quality, rich content that relates to your demographic and product. Informational, fun posts that are lifestyle related are the most engaging for readers. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, don’t assume you need to only blog about that. Incorporate subject matter related to your demographic or product, like how to make your own baby food or cloth diapers vs. disposable, in addition to featuring new products on occasion.
  • Use social media tools like Pinterest to boost your sales. Pinterest boards featuring babies or children are extremely popular–and those boards include kids accessories, clothing and just about anything else you can imagine. Women also make up about 70% of the Pinterest user base. Our favorite thing about Pinterest? You can add your products and link back to your e-commerce site, making the process of product discovery to purchase happen in a flash. With CoreCommerce, you can add the Pinterest button to all your products so customers can share too!

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Are there any website or graphic designers here?

2006-07-14 14:12:51 by inadarkcell

I am currently working on my online store/site. Well, someone else is and her and I (eye) are seeing eye to eye the layout of my webpage.
This is her advice:
+ HOME w/ about blurb
+ PRESS - news / fashion show events/ ect
+ BIO - about the designer
+ GALLERY- your best work / portfolio
+ SERVICES - clothing / styling - (shipping/sizing links provided on these pages)
+ MEDIA - info about shoots/forms/ect.
+SIGN IN if applicable
I noticed she had forgotten about the "collections" menu/link bc it is a STORE

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mens clothing stores - Designer Mens Clothing Store - Designer Mens Clothing Store
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How to Measure for Women's Clothing
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