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You don’t have drive to a Neiman Marcus to find great clothes. By using the Internet, you can save yourself time and money, while creating a unique fashion style. There are tons of web sites offering all kinds of fashions, from geeky t-shirts to designer jeans.

ThinkGeek ()
Think Geek is a great place to start. This site has been around for a while, serving out everything from cases of energy drinks to t-shirts for geeks across the planet. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of desk toys here, ranging from dart guns to puzzles. ThinkGeek really shines with their shirt collection, however. With categories catering to everyone from UNIX nerds to Hackers, you’ll find something here that is insanely geeky. They have both men’s and women’s sizes. You can even get a shirt with PI spelled out. Just don’t break your thick-frame glasses while reading their extensive catalog.

Bluefly ()
Beginning as a small company offering discount fashion, Bluefly has blossomed into a large online clothing retailer with primetime TV commercials. If you’re a fan of Diesel, Gucci, D&G, etc., look at Bluefly. Their men’s and women’s selections are extensive and lavish. You can get a sweater retailing at $145.00 for $78.30 from Bluefly; they cut prices significantly enough for you to be able to afford top-notch brands. Even while writing this, Bluefly was offering 10% off all purchases. It’s high-end fashion at a great price.

Threadless ()
With enough vector-based, artsy t-shirts to make a graphics design major drool, Threadless keeps the trendy pattern going with creative, affordable t-shirts. When you browse their selection, you’ll instantly be reminded of walking into the men’s section of an Urban Outfitters store. The vector art, bright colors, and flashy designs make every t-shirt a hit. Rest assured that you will never see anyone in the mall with the shirt you’re wearing. Threadless even encourages submitting a design you’ve made and to possibly turn it into one of their shirts. Threadless has a great reputation; don’t think twice about ordering from anyone else. Plus, why pay the inflated price of $25 to $30 a t-shirt at Urban Outfitters, when Threadless offers you great design at around $15 a pop?

T-Shirt Hell ()
Those with a keen sense of humor will love Busted Tees. From the creators of, the t-shirts have that Urban Outfitters look, but with a popular joke on the front. Christopher Walken/SNL fans will appreciate the “MORE COWBELL” shirt, while others will enjoy jokes such as “Nobody Likes a Vegetarian” and “Jersey girls ain’t trash. (trash gets picked up).” Shirts are only $18 and will guarantee conversation and laughter at your next party.

Karmaloop ()
They used to cater to the rave scene; now, they target the urban crowd. Karmaloop offers brands like Triple 5 Soul, LRG, and American Apparel to fill your closet. K-Loop’s prices are fair, and you’ll be able to find some great deals when there’s a sale. Funky hats, colorful shoes, and awesome bags are just some of the great finds. If you went on a shopping spree here, you could create a unique look for yourself unmatched by any other retailer. They’ve even got Members Only jackets, just in case you accidentally threw out your grandfather’s.


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"Modest clothing for women" websites...

2009-06-24 12:17:41 by outofhistory1

I've found that an old Mormon friend of mine shops at a store called "Shade" online, and I've looked before at other 'modest clothing' websites that are for Christian, Jewish, or Muslim women.
Sometimes (like at Shade) the clothes are actually cute, and they are so cheap!! I imagine they must not be very well made, because they're so cheap, but I'm not sure.
Is another part of religion, and shopping at these stores, the idea that you shouldn't spend a fortune on clothing, because that's just vanity?
Has anyone here ever shopped at those websites?

Call a Clambulance
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