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Bay Area designers return home to open Pink Dolphin Clothing store
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By Heather Somerville


SAN FRANCISCO -- Two Bay Area fashion entrepreneurs will open their first local clothing boutique Saturday on Haight Street.

Cena Barhaghi, of Fremont, and Neima Khaila, a Pleasanton native, will open Pink Dolphin Clothing and unveil their holiday collection of men's and women's streetwear fashion. The new store is also a homecoming for the two young entrepreneurs, who opened their first brick and mortar in Los Angeles.

Barhaghi, 22, began designing the Pink Dolphin line in high school, and was later joined by longtime friend Khaila, 25. The collection has since evolved to include women's fashion, accessories, outerwear made of leather and goose down and jeans. The small company plays with gender stereotypes in clothing, selling men's shirts in bright colors such as pink and aqua.

The store opens at 11 a.m. at 1431 Haight St.

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Source: www.mercurynews.com

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Everyday your girls and boys are seeing ads like

2009-09-30 13:41:30 by thisAndInternalizing

The message that girls are nothing but sexual objects.
We ALL need to start complaining to companies that depict women/girls as nothing but OBJECTS!
Take for example American Apparel and Ricky's NYC (a popular chain store in NYC).
Look at their websites, and compare the appearance of their MALE models to that of their FEMALE models. All the females are shown in provocative clothing and/or poses. Whereas in almost all instances, the guys are just "standing there" in "normal" outfits...nothing sexual about them.
WHY are women CONSTANTLY portrayed in this manner? It pisses me off

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