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Shop for kids clothes onlineThe idea of taking the crew to the store to shop for clothes just sounds painful for everyone involved…. and even the lovely notion of taking them out individually for some private shopping time with Mom seems exhausting. I find it so much easier to do the whole thing online (unless of course our travels happen to take us near an outlet mall, in which case I make the exception and drag them all inside!). Online shopping allows the kids who like to have an opinion about what they want to wear, they can sit next to me and look over the items with me…. but I find that having them shop online with me works out much better if I wait to include them after I have shopped the website, looked over the sale items, and added things to my shopping cart that I think they they will like……and only then do I have them join me to review what I have placed in the online shopping cart. Otherwise- it could take hours while each child looks over everything in the store before deciding on a new pair of shoes (especially at Zappos!)

Here are some of my favorite tips on how to shop for kids clothes online:


When completing an online purchase, you’ll see that many retailers have a place to enter a promo or a discount code. That should be your reminder to go out and check for an online coupon before completing the purchase. My favorite site to check for online coupons is or you can also just do a google search for the store name followed by “coupon” or “promo code”.


Before completing any online purchase, you also need to double check whether or not that retailer is partnered with any of the rebate sites. What’s a rebate site? These are sites that direct Internet traffic to a retailer, and as an incentive, the retailer pays these sites a commission. The rebate site then shares part of that money with you, in the form of a rebate check that is mailed to your home. There are three sites that I like to use: , , and . The good thing about using a rebates site, is that you don’t have to start your shopping process on their site. I can shop the Internet, find my best price on an item, and then put it into that retailer’s online shopping cart. Then I open another browser window, and search the various rebates sites and to see whether or not that retailer offers a rebate, and who is offering the best % rebate. I then can click on the retailer’s name within the rebate site which will launch a new browser window for that retailer- and my shopping cart will be in the newly opened window, with my item still in it. Here’s a few more details:

Ebates sends rebate checks every 3 months, and only when the rebate amount reaches $5.01. Extrabux sends you a rebate check when you login to your account and request it, but only when your rebate amount reaches $10. And ShopAtHome mails out their rebate checks monthly, but only when your rebate amount reaches $20.

So here are my favorite online shopping sites, and a few tips for each one:



is the online clearance store for I pretty much buy all of my shoes from this site, and most of what my kids are wearing for their footwear too. Shipping is free (but you do not have to pay to ship back a return). You can also sign up to receive their daily email that alerts you to that day’s special deals. I’m not kidding- every friend or family member that I have shared this site with has come back to thank me (and no, I am not affiliated with 6pm in any way!)


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