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How's that, you ask? I found 4 dresses, each only $25-30. Of the 4 of them, 2 were velvet (1 black & 1 red). The 3rd, an elegant tone on tone black. The remaining frock, a deep purple satin number. I suppose that is not nearly enough to last me through the upcoming holiday parties :)

Besides clothes, they carry shoes, not just any shoes. I saw some COACH shoes.

Even though I didn't find any shoes that fit me, a girl nearby played dress up. She cracked me up as she pranced about, with her "heels" on. She pretended to be much older, until her "kill the joy no holiday spirit " mom burst out of nowhere & made her stop.

I was also on the hunt for a bottom heavy weight (aka does not tip over) type of vase. I did not see one I liked.

Though there were other areas which cried out to me. A bedding department, complete with comforter & sheet sets. A culinary department, filled with pots/pans/glasses/utensils. Seen from afar, sniffed up close, the almond scented soap most of all beckoned forth in a manner good enough to eat. Across the store, my eyes averted the purses.

Enough rambling about the merchandise.

There was plenty of parking, the staff were nice enough to give some advice by the dressing room & in the aisles, such as "that makes you look old, that color looks better on you. skip or get that." They were helpful, honest & most importantly tactful.

From now until Xmas, they are open 0900-2300 (11 p.m).
After that, they will resume 0930-2130 (9:30 p.m.)


Family clothing store in for the long run: H. R. Lash has been a west end fixture for 95 years.(SAULT STE. MARIE): An article from: Northern Ontario Business
Book (Laurentian Business Publishing, Inc.)

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I had to wear a lot of hand-me-downs

2006-06-15 14:59:20 by dow

But since I was the only female in the family my age (except one cousin a few months older, who lived in Nevada), I ended up getting a lot of clothes from women who were anywhere from 10-20 years older than me. Some of the stuff didn't fit, but it was either that or I went naked.
New clothes were something I only got when school started (and then, my mom had a very limited budget with which to work), and then a few things for my birthday or Christmas. Any other clothing I needed came from the thrift store.
Then I got into high school, got my first baby sitting job, and started blowing all that money at Clothestime

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