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Designer Kids Clothes on the Cheap

15-Minutes-to-Fabulous-Button-FINALToday I’m featuring another fantastic guest post in my 15 Minutes to Fabulous series from fellow Middle Tennessee working mom Mandy from !

I have twins. Boy/girl twins to be exact. There is a contract you have to sign right after their birth that you agree to dress them up real cute so everyone oooos and ahhhs when you walk down the street. (not really but sometimes it feels like it)

Hello my name is Mandy and I am a kids’ clothing addict. I freely admit that my kids dress better than I do most days.

If you are like me then it’s around that time of year where you start thinking about your kids fall clothes. You might be thinking,“ok I really need to go through that box in the basement and start sorting through the clothes they can fit into this year”. Then after you do that you might be me and think that half of it they can’t wear now that they have grown a foot in a year (what have I been feeding them?)

And if this is you (or me) you might be feeling that pang to go shopaholic crazy. I’ve already admitted it above,but children’s clothing really is an addiction…promise!

I’m not really sure how this happened. But I will say it didn’t happen overnight. It gradually became worse and worse. But,before you give me a hard time about their closets,I have another little confession I’d like to make:

I don’t pay retail for their clothes.

Let me repeat: I don’t pay retail for their clothes.

There is a PLETHORA of ways to have your kids in designer digs and get out at a fraction of the cost. And I’m about to fill you in on this wonderful magical world.Designer Kids Clothes on a Budget Tips

If you have never been I’m either about to terrify you or make your week. This is hands down the #1 place to start. You can start withand find local sales in your area. The gist is you can get high name brand clothing at 50-75% off retail. And let’s be honest,it’s kids stuff. Most of it has never been worn or lightly worn- especially when you are talking about baby or toddler things. And from there you can pick your sale – some are church sales,some,like Encores,are the mothership consignment sales and super-huge(and kinda terrifying,or awesome). And some,like Little Sprouts,are a niche sale and only sell high end designer clothing. Oh and they also have 50% off days too. See where I’m going? As long as you are picky and take your time getting the “good” stuff,it’s well worth it. Start here.


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Actually.... Jews will pamper themselves and

2006-10-14 23:55:33 by ImAJew2

Their families with luxuries. Jews are GOOD with money and attract money, in addition to being frugal.
A Jew will HAPPILY spend the big bucks on a treat for themselves, their kids or other family members.
Spas, vacations, diamonds, designer clothes, posh housing. Hence, the whole concept of the Jewish American Princess in a private school.
The Scotts, as I understand it are just cheap. The don't attract a lot of cash typically, and don't like to spend. Not on their kids, their grandparents..or even a bit on themselves.

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Designer Kids Clothes Shop Online …
Dior - Collections - Kids Designer Clothes
Dior - Collections - Kids Designer Clothes
Cheap Kids Clothes from Efashiongalore
Cheap Kids Clothes from Efashiongalore
Klutz Paper Fashions (Klutz)
Book (Klutz)
  • Dimensions: 8.99 in. h x 9.37 in. w x 1.43 in. d
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces
  • Made in CN
Rabbit Skins Toddler Crewneck Jersey T-Shirt, Turquoise, 3T
Apparel ()
  • 100% cotton jersey.
  • ribbed crewnecK.
  • shoulder-to-shoulder taping.
  • double-needle sleeves and bottom hem.
  • white sewn with 100% cotton thread.

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