Cheap Designer Clothing for Women

How to Afford Designer Clothing: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
Home4.png Do some research.who Become familiar with the designer item range of prices. They usually range from $200 (a small item such as a pair of sunglasses) to $3000 for pret-a-porter (or ready-to-wear) and more than $75000 for haute couture. There are also more expensive (and cheaper) designers. Brands such as Juicy Couture, Versace Jeans Couture and Ralph Lauren are the "cheaper"-but still expensive-designer brands, (while Dior is among the most expensive). Buy a few glossy magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar or Elle to learn about the prices for every brand.
  • Some designers also make lines for cheaper stores or create their own cheaper line. Some of these lines are Marc by Marc Jacobs, Versace Jeans Couture or Miu Miu (by Miuccia Prada).
  • Don't be too shocked by the high prices. Yes, they may be exaggerating, but most of the clothes are worth it. Not to mention that, if the shop assistants hear your complaints about the high prices, they will treat you with considerably less respect.
  • Save some money. If you usually spend 95% of your monthly income for necessities (even if you/your parents/your spouse have a pretty large salary), it's time to consider whether everything you spend your money on is truly a necessity. Spending money wisely will help cut off your unnecessary expenses and affording more quality products and services. The golden rule is, if you don't need it or don't enjoy it significantly, don't spend your money on it.
  • Save some money you spend on the bills by trying to finish your work before it gets dark outside and go to bed early. Turn off the lights when you're not in the room (to save energy), take a shower instead of taking a bath (to save water), ride a bike instead of driving (to save fuel) and so on. You will help both the environment and your budget.
  • Manage your money wisely when going out. If you used to go out often and spend lots for stuff you do not need, then these count as a waste.
  • Consider getting a part-time job if you have the time. Every buck you have matters.
  • Visit the local designer multi-brand boutiques so that you know what designer clothing is available in your area. Not all designers can be found in every country. Generally, every big city has good clothing stores, and every capital city (or the capital city of a state, in the USA) has at least one designer store. Know what brands does the closest designer multi-brand store sell.
  • If you want items made by a designer that's not available in your country, try shopping on sites such as at eBay or Amazon. They ship internationally as it goes for everything you want to buy and it can't be found in your country (not only clothes). The disadvantage is that you can't see the product before you actually buy it, which can trick you into buying knock-offs. Be careful.
  • Know your necessities and priorities. It's crucial for you to know what you need in order to shop effectively-nothing is as bad as spending $1000 on a certain item, then coming home just to realize it doesn't match with anything you already have. Look in your closet. Analyze it as a whole, not the individual pieces. How is it like? Think when you dress up for a certain occasion; do you find something appropriate to wear?
  • If your wardrobe is full of non-designer clothes, look for the basics when you go shopping- a pair of black pants, a white shirt, a trench, a grey cardigan, a pair of black shoes, a suit and the little black dress: buy all these, in the most flattering version for your body type, and of the best quality you find. If you have these, you can mix-and-match them with the clothes you already have.


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Cheap, stylish clothes for tall, thin women

2011-02-26 20:22:48 by feelindrastic

I can find clothes for tall peeps but, they are not up to date on styles.
Personally, I hate low-rise pants and think skinny jeans look awful on everyone. I want to find high-waisted, bell-bottom pants. I found some platform shoes but, I need to see if I can find some pants, first. These shoes will put me at 6' and I wear a size 2.
If I want to part with $200+ for every, single article of clothing I buy, I can find clothes that fit me. I'm sick of having to always buy designer clothes...especially when it comes to weekend-wear.
Do you know of

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