Design your own clothes for Women

Design your own t-shirt and custom t-shirts

Classic Value-T

Classic cut t-shirt out of 100% cotton and a light 155 g/m². The classic with an extremely good price/value ratio.

Measure A (inch) 26.8 28.0 28.7 29.5 30.7
Measure B (inch) 19.7 21.3 22.0 23.2 24.0

Design your own custom t-shirt using our T-Shirt Designer. You can personalize your own custom shirt with over 100 different types of custom clothing from t-shirts and hoodies to custom hats and other great accessories! No minimum orders! Here are the 4 simple steps to make your own t-shirt:

1. Choose your own T-Shirt (Hoodie or other Clothing) to Customize

2. Create your own T-Shirt with Unique Designs

3. Make your own T-Shirt with Personalized Text

Create your own t-shirt with your own personalized text! Click on the “Add Text” button and simply start writing directly on the shirt. You can re-size the text field and move it around to the right spot. On the right side, you can change the color of your text and use the formatting options to select a font, size and more. This is how you can design your own t-shirt with your own personal brand. Spreadshirt makes t-shirt printing quick and easy.

4. Design your own T-Shirt with Photo Uploads

Upload a photograph or your own design directly onto your custom t-shirt. Simply click on “Upload Photo” and follow the instructions. Once your photo or design is uploaded to the T-Shirt Designer, you can move it around, resize it, and create your own t-shirt. And that’s it – now you’ve created your own custom t-shirts, hoodies or other clothing apparel. Click on “Add to Basket” (there we’ll ask you if you want to create another custom t-shirt) and head to checkout!


Dover Publications Make Your Own Dress Patterns
Book (Dover Publications)

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Some advice...clothes, shoes, social

2006-09-01 07:54:31 by medigeek

Clothes and shoes:
If it becomes difficult for your daughter to find clothes she likes that fit are in her size, see if you can persuade her to take sewing classes so that she can learn to make (and design) her own clothes.
This can be a valuable skill in its own right. There is something very, empowering when you know you have the ability to make exactly what you want for yourself and not have to groan and submit to whatever is left on the rack at the stores.
(She may wind up having others beg her to make them clothes...)
My mother was tall for her generation and this is what she did for herself

Briox Fashion News - Riversip
Mobile Application (Briox)
  • Fashion & beauty videos - Our app has a dedicated video section so you could watch the newest trends from around the world!
  • Make it your own - You know what you love most about fashion, so we give you t...n favorite topics and create a special edition just for you - all made by you!
  • Push notifications for prominent fashion events & news!
  • Social conversation: See what your friends say about the latest fashion news! ...nds from your social networks had to say on the news you just read in the app!
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Potter Craft Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified
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Mannequin Hub Women's Jersey Dressmaker Mannequin Form Black Form on Black base by MANNEQUINHUB
Home (Mannequin Hub)
  • Ships within 3-4 Business days.
  • Not fully pinnable.
  • Black Form on Burgundy Stand.
  • Size 2-4 Small
DK ADULT Dressmaking: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Own Clothes

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