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Salvage Closeouts offers a great deal on Girl's Outfits.
These Outfits are of excellent quality and are great for any retail store.

You will receive a nice variety of Girls Outfits on a hanger from sizes 2T to 7.

Each Girls Outfits will be Brand New, individually wrapped on a hanger , and ticketed.

There are 500 Girls Outfits in Each Lot.

Salvage Closeouts offers Wholesale Shorts for Boys.
These Shorts are up to date styles and are sold in many department stores.

We sell these Boys Shorts by the wholesale lot.
Each Lot of Boys Shorts will include an assortment of colors, styles and sizes from 4-20. Expect to receive, Cargo Shorts, Khaki Shorts, Jean Shorts and others. Some even include a matching belt.

Each Pair of Boys's Shorts will be Brand New, individually wrapped, and ticketed.

There are 300 Boys Shorts in Each Lot.

Children's Apparel Closeouts

Salvage Closeouts carrys a full inventory of Closeouts Children's Clothing, for you to resell.
All of these Wholesale Kids Apparel are from brand name department stores and well known manufacturers.
These Wholesale Childrens Clothing are sold by the lots.

We have arranged many different categories to choose from.
Select one of the following, or browse by scrolling below.

Easily double your money !!

On Sale Now for $3.50 Per Piece.

Minimum Order 1000 pieces

Boys & Girls Clothing Lots

We have arranged wholesale lots of assorted boys and girls clothing. These Clothing lots contain a beautiful variety of Brand New Clothing for boys and girls.

In each lot you will recieve a nice selection of sizes, colors, styles and items such as Jeans, pants, shirts, shorts, sweaters, and more.

Brands may include French Toast, Cotler, Sahara Club, Mayfair and many others.

These are Brand New individually poly bagged,

There are 500 Pieces in every Wholesale Lot.


Wholesale Jeans for Boys and Girls

Salvage Closeouts offers an exclusive deal on Boys and Girls Jeans. These Jeans are made from excellent quality and are from the latest styles.

These Jeans are sold by the lot of 300 Pairs.

You can either receive Boys, Girls or Mixed.

In Each lot of jeans you will receive an assortment of sizes, stlyes and colors for all ages.

These retail for over $39 in the retail sotres.

Each Item will be Brand New, individually wrapped, and ticketed.

There are 300 Jeans in Each Lot.

Girls Outfits on Hangers

Boys Shorts


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I just meant boutiques aren't for me

2010-05-04 13:22:56 by -

I've outfitted all my grandkids in 'designer' label clothes but I get it from thrift stores and yard sales for practically nothing.
I don't buy stained or torn up clothes. You'd never know any of them weren't dressed from a boutique store. The clothes I get look new.
As for the kids and their parents, not really a whole lot you can do short of speaking up but those type people don't listen anyway.
Everywhere you go there are people that don't put the stuff back up. I've heard people actually say "it's the store employees job"!
Yea, it is if the pigs are pigs

Wholesale designer clothing lot
Wholesale designer clothing lot
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Designer Kids Clothes - Ouef Savvy Tot …
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