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Kids’ and baby designer fashions reflect the wearers’ vivacity, uniqueness and tenderness. The fashion industry has devised fabulous and comfortable lines combining the best materials with an innovative design where color and playfulness take the stage and imagination runs riot.

In Dolce & Gabbana’s line the clothes are decorated with photographic prints inspired by animal and marine life. Girls can imagine themselves as top models, cavorting in their distinctive dresses, pony-skin coats, and maxi pullovers worn over leggings. The sporty style of Armani Baby & Junior evokes the world of skateboarding and basketball, complementing the more traditional styles. From sporty T-shirts to elegant little dresses, from down jackets with coordinated scarves and hats to baby-grows and baby sets with cuddly toys and feeding bottle. Not to mention our mainstays, Dior and Burberry’s elegant children’s lines.

Dior, with its gritty chic style and glamorous designs, creates tulle party dresses in soft colors and more practical cotton outfits. Burberry proposes clothes in sober and elegant tones in line with the brand’s austere style, without ever forgetting its signature check pattern, which even appears on sneakers and ballerinas. Prada and Hogan present elegant and sporty boys’ shoes which faithfully reflect the style and high quality of the adult lines.

Visit our online store: if you’re looking for the perfect wardrobe for your children, let yourself be guided through our Fall-Winter 2013/14 kids collection, where the quality and craftsmanship of designer models lay down the law in children’s trends. Our site has become a landmark for discerning shoppers looking to buy kids and baby clothing and shoes online. And don’t forget our Outlet section, featuring a large range of bargains at much reduced prices.


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Do your daughters need designer clothes to help

2007-10-25 05:58:42 by them-fit-in???

Young girls need to be taught to look more closely at the messages they get from the media, including those about fashion and clothing and proliferation of designer brands and the display of labels in ads, which has been seen to increase "bullying related to clothes."
Fashion bullying is reaching a new level of intensity in grade and middle schools as more designers launch collections targeted at kids.
The media in putting social pressure on girls regarding fashion and appearance and for many girls, the answer to the question "What do I wear?" seems to define who they are

Designer Children s Clothing Clothes …
Designer Children's Clothing Clothes …
Shopping for children s clothes
Shopping for children's clothes
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Kids Clothing Babesta Petit Patapon …
crocs Crocs Crocband II.5 Clog (Toddler/Little Kid),Black/Charcoal,1 M US Little Kid
Shoes (crocs)
  • Color: Black/Charcoal
  • Size: J1
  • Crocs Crocband II.5 Clog Shoes Designer Footwear for Kids
Tok Tok Designs(TM) Bow Ties for Kids (UK10)
Apparel ()
  • Pre-Tied, Adjustable Neck Size Straps, Metal Hook, Fashionable, Uniqueness
  • For Kids 10 Years of Age or Under
  • Handmade High Quality Designer Bow Ties
  • Created by Tok Tok Designs
  • Warning: Choking Hazard

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