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First plus-size designer label to show at New York Fashion Week

New York's Fashion Week will include a plus-size label for the first time. Items from Cabiria offer clothing for women sizes 12-24. Sep. 5,2013 at 3:13 PM ET

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During New York Fashion Week (Sept. 5-12),a designer showcase will include a plus-size label for the first time.Cabiria's creator and designer,Eden MillerItems from Cabiria offer clothing for women sizes 12-24.

Eden Miller may be the first designer with a plus-size collection to ever show at New York's Fashion Week,which started Thursday,but the Cabiria creator says the opportunity should be judged on its own merits and not seen as a fluke.

“I’m not going to walk in with garbage and just say,‘Well,I’m this plus-sized designer,you better be glad I’m here, ’” she told “I feel that my designs are strong.Miller said her pieces are known for their fabrics and bold prints.I like what I’m putting together. I have confidence in my eye. I also hope that it’s received in a similar fashion by those who attend and in the press.”

Miller’s high-end line,named after the 1957 Federico Fellini film,“Nights of Cabiria” and designed for women sized 12 to 24,was selected to be one of six designers in a New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 showcase of up-and-coming designers presented Friday by Fordham Law School’s Fashion Law Institute,a nonprofit organization dedicated to the business of fashion.

Madison Plus Select

Cabiria's creator Eden Miller considers it an "honor" to show at New York Fashion Week Spring 2014.

Miller,41,who has been a costume designer for more than two decades,finds the challenge nerve-racking and “super exciting.” To go from mainstream unknown with a small but loyal following to someone who has secured a highly coveted fashion industry spot is “both mind-boggling and an honor.”

“Part of it is a responsibility that I feel to make space for other relevant,worthy plus-sized lines to come in the door and show as well, ” she said.

Marshal Cohen,chief fashion industry analyst for the NPD Group,a consumer market research firm,said the inclusion of Miller’s line sends a “very big signal” to the market about a severely underserved community.

Currently,plus-sized apparel make up only 14 percent of the market share,the smallest in more than a dozen years,he said. That's because plus-sized lines often were the first niche-markets to get booted from stores when the economy turned sour. Markets have started to improve,but the availability of plus-size clothing remains limited,despite skyrocketing demand,especially for more and better-looking choices.

“This a really good time for designers to take advantage,because the market is absolutely starved, ” he told

Miller made it clear that while she designs with the larger woman in mind — she boldly reveals her own size to be 18-20 on her website and on press statements — she doesn’t want her work to only be compared to other plus lines of clothing.

“I want to get to the point where plus fashion is just as legitimate as any other fashion out there on the runway,and whatever somebody is showing,the collection itself is what speaks, ” she said. “I love the idea of pushing that forward. But what I’m really looking forward to is,as plus-size becomes more legitimate,the weight of responsibility of opening that door becomes less and less,and it can be more about just the clothes.”

Miller and her models in a few Cabiria designs.


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