Top Designer Clothes for Women

A Guide To Find Today's Top Designer Clothing for Women
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When you're shopping for designer goods (maybe for the first time), whether it's clothing, handbags, shoes or accessories, it always helps to familiarize yourself with today's designers. You don't have to live in New York or Los Angeles to know fashion, you simply need to become familiar with designer names and brands, what they stand for and the characteristics of their products and creations. This will ultimately be to your benefit as you navigate your way through the process of purchasing designer goods.

Like many things in life, when it comes to fashion, everyone has different tastes and dispositions. Personal flavors play a big role in deciding who's the current fashion favorite and in the fashion world, change can occur at the speed of thought. Additionally, like any thriving industry, there are so many competitors, gatekeepers and mimicks, it is often difficult to tell which brand is dominating the market at what time. However, if you ask any expert they will agree that there are at least three very well known designers who have been in the industry long enough to make a permanent and substantial mark.

The Elegant Simplicity of Eileen Fisher

Created by its namesake in 1984, Eileen Fisher is a well known and extremely popular brand amongst the late 20s to mid 50s female demographic. The brand's clothing is designed to be simple, casual and something that can easily be relaxed into while not obstructing the body's sense of form, beauty and style. Each piece is designed with top shelf fabrics and are proportioned to naturally fit into each other.

There are a few key factors that make Eileen Fisher such a popular and well recognized brand worldwide. First, design drives their business. They continually change their approach and renovate any outdated styles to fit the current trend in the aforementioned demographic group. To put it simply, they pay attention to what women want and need. Also, the designers purposefully spend time and effort to ensure that the clothing they produce compliments the full and busy lives of today's women. It is this dual pronged approach that makes Eileen Fisher one of the most respected and recognizable brands in fashion.

The Classically Enduring Essence of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the quintessential "anti-fashion" brand because like the company owner said, "I'm not a fashion person.... I have never been influence by it. I'm interested in longevity, timelessness, style – not fashion." His design styles rely on classical, enduring images of reserved elegance and affluence. Valued at over four billion dollars, Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of the most iconic brands in the industry that has ever existed.


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I salute your efforts, but you are in a for a

2004-08-24 13:08:11 by financialgoddess

World of shock when you start shopping! Even though you know her exact measurements, women's clothes just don't make a whole lof of sense. Varies from designer to desinger. Did you have something specific or a specific store in mind, or were you going to just start looking around?
I have pretty similar measurements if you substitute the 36 for a 34 in the bust. That said, I have a hard time shopping for myself without trying things on first. But, I wear a 2 in pants and a small or medium top depending on the material.

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