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Albion Fit Fitness Clothing for Women

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women | The Fresh ExchangeAs some of you know I grew up as an athlete. Since the day I could walk I was screaming down ski hills, playing tennis, and more importantly kicking a soccer ball. My growing up years were full of soccer practice and dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete. As a college athlete, working out kept me fit, happy, and healthy. When you run more than 6 miles a day and workout for at least 2 hours it isn’t so hard to stay trim.

Since leaving college and the intense everyday soccer workouts I have to try to find a balance of how I eat, workout, work and live.Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women | The Fresh Exchange It has been no easy task and has taken some serious self-discipline and reflection to reset my mindset on how to live a healthy life as a working adult.

As I have left my college athlete days behind, I realized how much my body needs daily activity to feel good and strong. I have found that I love intense work out systems like Insanity, P90x, Pilates, and Yoga. You can also find me trail-running through dunes and wooded hiking trails of Leelanau County. It took me a while to really find a renewed passion for working out since soccer was something like a job in school, thus working out was never something I mentally had to force myself to do it was something I was forced to do.

But now I have a love and new found new passion for working out and taking caring of my body. This is why I am really excited to share with ya’ll a collaboration with fitness and swimwear.Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women | The Fresh Exchange Albion Fit is building women’s fitness and swimwear that is meant for the active woman at any stage in their workout goals. They are a family owned company that is focused on green manufacturing in the United States. All those things are just the beginning of why I really love this company.

Since I started working out daily and spend a lot of time outdoors, I have found their line to be perfect our daily workouts. Every piece is comfortable and ideal for the active woman, but is also perfect for lounging on a Saturday morning or running errands in the afternoon.

One of the pieces I have loved the most has been the The fabric is specially designed to keep you dry, comfy, and also tight and trim while you either practice your daily yoga routine or work it out with a trainer.Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women | The Fresh Exchange The band flips up or down so it is really comfortable for daily use. The best part is the fabric has a unique look where it compresses and lifts so it makes you look pretty darn awesome in the booty and thigh area. You cannot hate on that.

Every piece in the line can easily go beyond just your daily workout, which is one of my favorite things. I always feel most comfortable in well structured fitness wear that doesn’t just feel like something I would wear to the gym. I personally find it hard to find pieces that can easily look worthy of street-wear but also perform well while you are sweating. So, this is why I am in love with the fabrics, structure, and style of what is doing.

Their has become a daily favorite on these chilly rainy Summer days and nights. The color and cut feels casual, but paired with a good jean and a cute street shoe it turns in to a sporty outfit great for a day at the desk. Also it is the perfect look to go grocery shopping or to the farmer’s market in. One of the thing you may not be able to see, is the fabric. I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s not like most sweatshirts, which makes it wash and wear really really well.


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Before I had gatric bypass surgery...

2006-12-04 15:50:45 by human_secularistNLI

I went through my closet and got rid of every peice of clothing that was too small and I had never worn and would never wear and after surgery I had to get rid of just about all of my good plus size clothes. Everything went to Goodwill Industries. My closet and drawers are darn near empty except for basic staples and workout togs that I have had to buy to avoid being nude.
Previous weight loss attempts I always kept clothes in the larger sizes and in the smaller sizes. This time I'm only keeping things I can currently wear.
Some plus size women in SF is wearing brand new tailored pants and blazers and blouses

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