Comfortable workout clothes for women

Comfortable Women's Athletic Wear - Workout Clothes for Real Women

April 23, 2010 1:25 PM by Elyse Lindsey

I don’t know if I’m an apple or a pear. Bananas are nice, but I doubt I’m one of those either. I just don’t like comparing my body to a fruit basket. But I do know this: I have hips...and thighs. And good lord, yes, a butt.

I consider myself active and have a (fairly) healthy lifestyle, but no amount of squats, crunches or sprints will ever rid me of my curves. Real woman have curves, remember? So then why was it so hard for me to find athletic wear for women that actually fit well and gave me the support I needed? I was so sick of avoiding the mirrors at the gym (or worse, skipping a workout entirely) because my too snug tank top was inching up past my belly button with each squat, and my shorts were riding up my thighs with each stride on the treadmill. Do you know how hard it is to sprint when you’ve got one hand between your thighs trying to pull your shorts back to a more G-rated location? Difficult and unattractive. Exercise is supposed to make you feel better about yourself and yet, somehow, it was making me feel worse.

So, a friend of mine recommended I try the new athletic wear from ellasport, their mission is to “provide women with workout apparel that makes them look and feel amazing…because when you are comfortable and feel good about how you look, you have a much better workout!”

So I tried a few pieces and it was love at first crunch. Imagine, a line of athletic wear designed to be supportive and comfortable. ellasport, where have you been all my life?

Here are some of my favorites:

The Charlotte Running Tank
It's super light, breathable and supportive...without the dreaded back fat!

The Park Tee
Skinny arms at last! The sleeve hits just under the shoulder muscle - the slimmest part of your arm.

The Chloe Long Sleeve Tee
The fit is amazing! It's smaller at the top and wider over the hip so it doesn't ride up.

The New Power Capris
Finally, even I can look long and lean. The Tactel®/Lycra® fabric blend provides moderate compression that gives a slimming fit.

Try ellasport today and get 15% off your first order.
Just use promo code marieclaire at checkout!


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I agree...

2005-11-19 23:28:20 by FL0w

As i workout, and eat way.
I'm still looking for a great hairstylist but my sister recommended her hairstylist which i will give him a chance this week.
As for styling my hair, i have long hair and i wash and condition my hair once a week with Pantene Pro-V, air dry my hair and don't put any products in my hair...never.
The only thing i don't do yet is spend money on clothes or shoes.
I'm still wearing my Hush Puppies which are several years old and are the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned.
I once spent $500 on sweaters because i didn't have any winter attire and i considered that a lot of money to spend on clothing

NL210 Women's Comfortable Fitness Athletic Form Fit Workout Brief (Large, Black)
Apparel ()
  • Made in USA
  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Four-way stretch for ultimate comfort
  • Antimicrobial technology that reduces odor
  • Moisture wicking fabric that transports heat and sweat away from the body

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