Great workout clothes for women

Workout Clothes That Flatter Your Body

Workout Clothes That Flatter Your BodyWhether the purpose of exercise is to lose weight, maintain a toned physique, or train for a triathlon, there is no reason a woman can’t look fabulous doing it. In the same way that a woman shops for jeans or formal wear that best complements her body shape, searching for flattering workout wear can take the same approach. In addition to choosing the proper clothes that befit the proper sport, there is nothing like a body flattering workout ensemble to boost morale.

The first priority when searching for workout clothes is to consider athletic goals or body movements so that the clothes will not be a hindrance to performance levels. For example, a runner may not get the best results from an outdoor run in the heat of summer while wearing a pair of yoga pants. Likewise, donning some loose fitting running shorts for yoga class may be a bit too revealing and break necessary concentration.

When shopping for workout clothes in a department store or specialty athletic store, it’s a good idea to start by perusing clothes made specifically for a type of sport or activity. From there it is easier to narrow down the options of the clothes that flatter specific body shapes. For those women who enjoy a great selection, with a variety of options for all budgets, shopping online may be a better option. Purchasing an entire workout wardrobe can get costly, but don’t let that hinder your enthusiasm for getting physical. Simply choose an online marketplace such as eBay that offers a wide selection with a range of prices.

General Rules of Thumb

When searching for workout clothes that are both practical and that flatter a woman’s body, it is helpful to consider a few guidelines. The following table offers suggestions for where to start and how to evaluate the options available when shopping specific to a body shape or type of sport.


Champion Champion Women's Training Tee,Black,Medium
Apparel (Champion)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Moisture management
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • Machine washable
  • Imported

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Kicking so much ass!

2003-01-01 14:44:46 by RockHunny

Yah, man, just ignore the scale. Go by how your clothes are feeling. Chicks who weight train are tiny and tight...and weigh more than you'd think. As the others have said, muscle weighs more than fat.
Check out the girls in "Oxygen" (a great weight training magazine for women that not as fluff as "Shape", but not so hard core as those hard core muscle magazines). The fitness models' stats are usually listed somewhere, and you'd really be surprised to see a size 2 girl who is 5' 2" weigh 125 pounds.
Weights are great. They burn fat for HOURS after your workout (unlike cardio)

Gym Wear for Women
Gym Wear for Women
3 PACK: Single Layer Cotton Spandex 4.5" Raw Edge Sports & Yoga Headband (One Size, 3 Pack: Black)
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  • Great for Fine Straight Hair, Curly Hair, And Anything In Between
  • One Seam in Back: Serge Lock (Tail at End of Seam) Intentionally Left So Seam Holds Up Better in Wash/Wear
  • Stretchy and Holds Moisture Well - Wear a few together for more absorbency
Kalon Clothing Double Headband (One Size, Black)
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  • Double Headband Great for Light Workouts, Yoga, Around Town, Etc.
  • Two Bands Attached Together at the Back
  • Cotton/Spandex Blend
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Shipping Combines at Checkout for Big Discount
Acacia The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa
DVD (Acacia)

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