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I'm convinced that motivation to exercise and cute athletic clothing go hand-in-hand. Even if you're not the type to get jazzed-up for the gym, wearing clothing that fits well and looks nice can minimize the intimidation of all those fitness center mirrors leering at you from every wall. One problem for tall women: finding athletic pants that are long enough. If you're wearing capri pants in the middle of winter just because you can't find long athletic wear, check out these options for tall women's athletic gear:

  1. Victoria's Secret: Yes, really. Shop the online Victoria's Secret clothing store for yoga pants and you'll find tall options that have inseams up to 36" long. Make sure you double-check the inseam length, though. Almost all of their standard yoga pants come with the extra-long option, but pants made in terry cloth or velour, or those with special designs are typically seasonal and only come in a 33" or 34" length.
  2. Athleta: While Athleta's long pants won't work for the very tall woman, their 35" inseam option will work for most women up to about 5'11" tall. In addition to yoga and running pants, they also offer ski and snowboard pants - and as a tall woman who likes to snowboard, I know how hard it is to find women's snow-proof pants that are long enough. Some of Athleta's gear seems overpriced, but it's generally well made and will last as long as you take care of it.
  3. Lucy: Like Athleta, Lucy is an athletic wear shop that offers long pants that will work for most women. Their "tall" pants have a 35.5" inseam, so unless you have exceptionally long legs, they'll work for women up to roughly 5'11" or 6'0" tall.
  4. Long Tall Sally: Long Tall Sally is a British clothing store that's slowly making its way to the United States. Because they aren't dedicated specifically to exercise, the gymwear is fairly limited, but they still deserve a mention because some of their athletic pants come with inseams up to 36" long. This isn't too shabby, but I hope they continue to expand their offerings to encompass the same 37" and 38" options that they make available in pants and jeans. One can only hope, right?
  5. Vertical Athletics: For the very tall ladies who are starting to feel left out, don't worry, I've got an option for you, too. Vertical Athletics offers athletic pants that fit the tall gals with several 37.5" inseam options. They aren't very flashy and the variety is limited, but if all you want is the perfect pair of basic black athletic pants, then you're in luck. The extra long, 37.5" inseam should fit women up to 6'2" or 6'3" fairly comfortably.


Spalding Spalding Women's Capri Legging, Charcoal, X-Large
Apparel (Spalding)
  • 19 1/2 inch inseam
  • Mid rise

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Ladies, am getting ready for working out..

2008-11-17 11:29:10 by betterandbetter

Need advice from women who work and work out. i joined the gym at work, and have my work out clothes packed. here's what i need next. i am worried about working out at lunch, and then having to take a shower, do my hair, makeup etc.
any short cuts/tips for a novice? i asked at fitness, and need more ideas. tips, tricks, for quick and easy doing this?
also, any other must haves for the gym bag?

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