Workout clothes for pear shaped women

Running gear for pear-shaped women?
Women s Workout Tanks & Camis

I have had the best luck with running leggings and capris from Athleta, but they fit small (and they're not cheap).

Function first:

- For pants/tights, try to get a pair that has a drawstring, so that you can cinch them in. That will reduce the risk of them creeping down as you run. Much as I like the comfort of a yoga-type waistband, I find that this type of waistband droops down when I run. A drawstring also will keep your pants up when you start losing weight, so you don't need to replace your clothes as often.

- Get wicking fabrics. Stay away from all cotton.

Style next:

- To balance a pear-shape and if you feel self-conscious, you might want to try on capris that aren't skin-tight but instead have more of a straight cut and are a bit open at the bottom (not flappy or flared). But try on compression-type capris and leggings as well. I'll bet you'll look just fine, and the compression material reduces jiggle so it might be more flattering (and comfortable) than you think. If you go for non-tight pants, capris are probably better if you're running (because you can get tangled in wider pant bottoms when you run). And a stripe down the side can do wonders for visual appeal.

- You can go with a looser-fitting top if you want. Aim to get one that comes at least to the bottom of your crotch (to avoid the dreaded "camel-toe" appearance you sometimes get with tights). A moderate V neck or moderate scoop neck can be quite flattering. Sometimes you can find tshirts with a bit of curved (like a shirt-tail) hem at the bottom and they can be more flattering than a straight-across hem at the bottom.

- I'm quite fond of Road Runner Sports (online store) and their Runners High brand of shirts. Silky-feeling, wicking, cut with a bit of curve but not too tight. And good prices (not super-cheap) but in the range of $20 dollars or so for a short-sleeved shirt. If you pay $1.99 per year for VIP status, you get free shipping and a 10% discount. However, I'm not a huge fan for their store brand tights - they're really cute but I find them a bit too thin (and I end up either in a medium with a camel-toe problem or a large that's too loose).

Some other brands/stores to check out include Old Navy, LLBean, Land's End, Target, Under Armour and Moving Comfort. I buy a lot of my stuff online, and then just mail back the stuff I don't like. (Provided that shipping is free or a low flat cost, the $6-7 cost to return something I don't like is about the same amount of money I'd pay to travel and go shopping at a store somewhere in a car or public transit.) My sister and I also like to go to the outlet malls once or twice a year and stock up on workout clothes.

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Don't worry about it. I like gyms like the YMCA or JCC or colleges like USF-Koret, since they are just less "cruisey" than the for-profit places, I think. Also cleaner and they don't hard-sell you all the time. I started at 200 lbs and way out of shape, and I felt comfortable at my Y -- just think how that is for a woman at 200 lbs to work out in public! They were great there, all kinds of people, young, old, fat, fit. I lost 70 lbs, btw. : ) So just find a place that is convenient and that you feel ok about; nobody will pay attention to your belly until you lose it -- then you'll get compliments

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