Workout Clothes for Short Women

Workout clothes for short women?
Wholesale Workout Clothes - Buy Workout Wear For Women Short

with the caveat that I haven't done any research at all on this, Land's End is good about short-torso long-torso stuff.

I don't know either but when you find out let me know I am 4'10&3/4
I do understand.

woops- also DEFINITELY try Danskin, they have stuff for a variety of body shapes, including petites (and ridiculously long torsos)

I just checked Lands End and found they have only TWO ITEMS in their "Active Wear" section for petite sizes. BOOOOO!

I will try Danskin next.

yeah, i said L/E cause I know they're good about swimsuits. Danskin I KNOW has a petite line.

LMAO @ Nevins...

You sound like me... I'm 5"0 and 3/4....

I tend to round up to 5"1.

try most of their stuff comes in petite sizes. my favorite shorts from them are the cardio short... longer inseam, i run in them and and they don't ride, no chaffing either. worth every penny! may also have petite sizes in some stuff.

I am keeping my eye on this post!! I am 5'3 and my "shorts come down to my knees!! I have capris that go to my ankle too! Being short is definately HARD!!

i am 5'3" and i have capris that go to my ankles, too! looks like i am prepared for a flood! they are even "petite"... too funny! my shorts from athleta have a 6" inseam, and hit me mid-thigh... love them!

I get ahleta's catalogs (for some reason -- I've never ordered from
them) and maybe I should try them, but I have to say, they are
EXPENSIVE!! Since you said they're worth it, though, I'll give them a
2nd look.

zeppocat, make sure you check their sale page on their website! i love the shorts; i bought a couple pair of workout pants, too, that i am really happy with! they are expensive, but are well made, and since i wear them so much, i figure they are worth it... so am i!

I tend to round up to 4' 11".All my kids are tall Thankfully!! They passed me up by 5th grade. Sad thing is (I volunteer at a private school I work with the High School students ) So many Times People thought the students were unattended because they thought I was one of them. You would think the grey would give it away !!


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Short people

2007-06-30 10:20:19 by CBRN

First I'd like to point out that BMI by calculation (height and weight) is not accurate for petite people who are physically fit. IE- mine puts me in the morbidly obese category even though my waist is 26", my hips are only 36", and I run half marathons and triathlons frequently. So- you should go by measurements and how your clothes fit rather than your BMI.
Cardio does not burn a ton of calories (not nearly as much as weights)And you won't gain weight as long as your intake doesn't greatly exceed your calorie usage. Also- be sure you eat enough carbs before your workout and do your weight training before your cardio

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