Yoga workout Clothes for Women

Yoga Clothes for Women: Buying Tips for Beginners
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First and foremost, yoga clothes for women need to be functional and flexible to provide support for the different yoga poses. You also need the clothing to provide a degree of warmth, but also able to wick away sweat. Furthermore, generic workout outfits often times don’t work great for yoga—can you imagine wearing basketball shorts while holding Sarvangasana?

So for the best yoga experience possible, you have to make sure you have on the right outfit for the job. If you don’t know where to start, here are five helpful tips on what to look for when you’re considering your next yoga outfit purchase.

Choose the Right Material

Yoga apparel made from lycra, nylon or cotton absorbs moisture the best. Also be sure to avoid hard materials and fasteners like buttons, zips, buckles and clasps on the clothing as these can get quite uncomfortable when getting into asanas. When you’re pressing your face against a line of buttons, you’ll wish you paid more attention to your outfit choices earlier. Remember—if the material is itchy or restrictive, your next yoga session won’t be a lot of fun.

Get a Fitted and Streamlined Shirt

Get a top that fits close to your body, so it does not slip as you move from pose to pose. You can opt for a high neckline so you don’t show too much cleavage when you bend over too. If you don’t want your top and bottom separating while you get into poses, you can tuck your shirt in or invest in a leotard.

Get Slim-Fitting Pants

Make sure your pants are not too long or else they may get caught or stepped on; many people find three-quarters the best length for this very reason. Leggings, capris, and shorts are all valid options that depend on how cool you like to be during workouts. Also make sure you have the right length for the type of yoga you’re doing—long yoga pants may feel great during Gentle Yoga, but they will be an absolute nightmare during a hard session of Bikram Yoga.

Remove All Your Accessories Before Class

Try and take all your jewelry off before class, as it can become a hindrance to your movement. Make sure your hair is out of your face and that it won’t get in the way of your poses. Some women find a sweatband useful for high intensity classes.

Choose Clothes That Reflect Your Beliefs

To keep in-line with yoga’s spirituality: wear clothes that reflect your beliefs, and make your soul feel at peace. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing top-of-the-line yoga gear if you don’t feel great in it. If your studio is filled with ladies decked out in hot pink, don’t feel compelled to conform if hot pink conflicts with your personality.

If you care a lot about the environment, wear yoga clothes made from organic, sustainable materials. If you want to wear a flashy design, go ahead and wear it. Long story short—wear whatever makes your heart sing.


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Yoga wear for size 12/14/16

2006-01-13 13:27:34 by Yoga_in_need

I am not grossly overweight; I have a few pounds to loose so I have taken up yoga in addition to cardio. My problem is with clothes, all the cute and decent yoga stuff I find is for size 10 and under and those with small busts. I wear a 14 tall most of the time and I have a fairly large chest that needs a little extra support. Can anyone point me towards a good website for workout cloths above a size 10? I don’t need plus size clothes, those are way too big – I seem to be in “no-women’s land” when it come to sizing. About half the people in my class are in the same boat. They are tall and between a size 12-16 so any recommendation would really help us all out.

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